Improve Customer Experience With The Help Of Text Analytics
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Improve Customer Experience with the Help of Text Analytics

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The success of a company’s app or website is only partially based on the design, the functionalities, and the features. The other half is based on the user experience. It is how the customer is being helped out and how he is perceiving the app that decides the success of it. A customer’s experience cannot be measured in numbers, an experience is something that is more qualitative and largely based on emotions invoked in a person.

You can use several quantitative measures to track the customers’ usage and put that down in numbers. These numbers tell you how much you need to improve. But these same numbers will not be very helpful in knowing customer experience. The numbers will not provide the right information you need to make any improvements.

Businesses solely relying on these scoring methods miss out on some of the most important signs of lacking improvements. This is why you need a text analytics software that helps you in gathering feedback from customers in form of comments.

What exactly is Text Analytics, you ask?

The process of acquiring meaning from text is known as Text Analytics. It helps you in figuring out patterns and common topics. You can act on these based on what information you derive. The same process can be followed manually, but it would only prove to be ineffective. The software makes use of natural language algorithms in order to find a meaning in large chunks of text.

Why is it important?

To offer an unmatched customer experience, a business needs to make use of text analytics to derive the voice of customer feedback and complaints. If the qualitative data of likes and dislikes by users are not recorded, like the quantitative data, you will definitely struggle to provide a great experience.

Text analytics software is used to provide structure to an unorganized thought of a user into a more structured form which can eventually be used by the business. A large of amount of time and resources would go in to analyze and classify the data without text analytics. Detecting the sentiment and acting towards it would be impossible without text analytics.

Text analytics helps in capturing the voice of a user. It allows users to respond in their own terms and voice, instead of just selecting from a pre-decided menu.  

How to Make Use of Text Analytics?

  1. Immediate Action. Text analytics in a conversational survey will help by giving you an opportunity to take immediate action. You can let the customer know that their feedback has been recorded and is being considered. Then find ways to provide a solution to those issues.
  2. Follow-up. Some issues can be solved instantly and once they are solved, the customers must be informed about the same. But there are certain issues that can be solved on an immediate basis. But you can form a follow-up action letting the customer know that action will be taken immediately by sending them a mail. This makes a customer feel that their problems are being heard. This is far better than a survey form where complaints are recorded but there is no further action on it.
  3. Notice Trends & Patterns. You can divide the data that you have gathered into sections like demographics, customer section etc. This will help you in knowing the major issues that your customers face. By identifying these common issues, you can form long-term decisions and put them to effect.
  4. Emotion-based Tracking. Text analytics goes beyond numbers and metrics and it helps you in getting a picture of the emotional experience of a user. You can track the emotional experience and categorize it. This way you get to know how a specific change is affecting a customer.
  5. Make your priorities clear. By noticing the emotional impact of a certain problem along with the numbers, you can prioritize the issues according to the urgency of the problem. These priorities can help in determining a lot of future plans.


Quantitative data is important, but recording customer feedback using conversational surveys are becoming increasingly popular as they record something that is not tangible, but very much important for a brand and a business. Text Analytics offers ways of turning your qualitative data into quantitative data and figuring out ways to improve on the issues recorded.

Our team of experts will guide you to your customer satisfaction strategy and help you convert an idea into a great innovation. Are you still worry about that, get in touch with us.