Best Cloud Telephony Providers In 2023
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Best Cloud Telephony Providers in 2023

Excellent customer service is built on strong lines of communication. People nowadays have higher standards for customer service, communication, etc. A call center is essential for this kind of interaction.

Historically, contact center agents would read from prepared scripts while interacting with clients. There has been a dramatic improvement in business communication thanks to call center software.

Both cloud-based (also known as cloud telephony) and on-premise contact center software options exist today. Cloud-based solutions are subscription-based in the same way as SaaS solutions (software as a service) are, meaning that users pay a recurring cost in exchange for access to the software for as long as they need it.

They may easily expand or contract without investing in costly hardware upgrades or replacements. Finding the best cloud telephony service might seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, given the sheer number of suppliers available on the global market. Everything is the same for companies that provide solutions for contact centers on-premises.

That's why we put up this blog, where we'll talk about the 15 most popular global cloud telephony providers, as well as a variety of on-premise contact center systems and their features and integrations.

The Best Five International Cloud Telephony Service Providers

1. Office24by7:

When it comes to cloud phone systems, Office24by7 is unrivaled on a global scale. The cloud telephony solution is an award-winning, standalone service that allows businesses to expand without sacrificing quality or affordability.

Office24by7 is the industry standard for cloud telephony, providing unified communications that are both scalable and dependable for enterprises of all sizes. The company provides the cheapest cloud telephony services available.

  • Automated Dialer with Predictive Analytics: Predict when agents will be free and then dial those numbers automatically. High agent productivity is maintained, and valuable outbound calling time is conserved, thanks to the predictive dialer's near-zero idle time.

  • Preview Caller I.D: Office24by7's cloud-based telephony solution's preview dialer function helps sales representatives be ready for calls ahead of time. It prepares agents for incoming calls by giving them access to relevant client data before the call even comes in. The time lost by call failures is minimal (calls abandoned by the customer before talking to agents). A manual dialer, the preview dialer helps agents get ready for calls with customers. Contact history is available for examination by the agent.

  • Campaigns: Office24by7's cloud telephony technology enables the development of campaigns that provide information on the whole call-flow process.

  • Lists: The cloud telephony solution allows users to quickly and easily import contact lists including client phone numbers.

  • Acquiring New Information: Customer information may be imported from.csv,.xls, and .xlsx files, either as a single list or as individual lists.

  • Dashboards: Provides configurable dashboards for real-time evaluations that assist monitor campaigns and agents.

  • Analytics and Reports: Provides data and analytics that might be valuable for managers in analyzing and enhancing agents’ performances.

  • Pricing: Office24by7's cost begins at $25 a month and varies based on the user's specific needs.

2. 3CX

A market leader in corporate communications, 3CX makes making phone calls, starting video calls, and engaging in real-time chats simple, adaptable, and inexpensive for any size company. Private clouds and on-premises deployments are also possible. The 3CX cloud telephony service is accessible from any mobile or desktop computer (PC, mobile, tablet, or laptop). Protocols like SIP and IAX, in addition to VoIP, are supported by this answer.

Businesses may benefit from 3CX's cloud telephony solution by increasing agent productivity and customer happiness while decreasing overhead and simplifying administration.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva, a supplier of cloud telephone services, advertises its offerings as "cheap, all-in-one communications solutions." It is the go-to for small and medium-sized businesses when it comes to trustworthy communication services.

Because of its commitment to expansion and innovation, the firm now provides a wide variety of technological services. They are so cutting edge that anybody, regardless of income, can get their hands on them and start reaping the advantages immediately.

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a leading supplier of cloud telephony solutions for effective and efficient corporate communication and collaboration. The company's cloud telephony service is ideal for enterprises of all sizes. Bitrix24 is a cloud telephony service that seeks to improve a company's productivity and its relationship with its customers.

To facilitate the use of remote offices, Bitrix24 was developed. In addition, it facilitates limitless group work and information exchange among participants.

5. Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud is an innovative cloud telephony service that is also very simple to use. This product is designed to streamline and simplify telephonic, electronic, and other forms of customer service contact for businesses and their clients.

Genesys Cloud provides a comprehensive cloud telephony solution that can be easily integrated with a wide variety of apps or tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers.

Wrapping It Up

If you are on the lookout for a cloud telephony provider on whom you can rely on completely, then Office24by7 is the one. Contact us on +91 7097171717 for more details.