How Does Number Masking Help Your Business?
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How does Number Masking help your Business?

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Number masking provides a high level of security needed to protect customers’ information. As a business owner, you must know that absolute privacy is something customers most value apart from quality and great service. 

Customers can tolerate to some extent if there is any compromise in quality and service but they will never tolerate any compromise to their privacy. They would not like to disclose their numbers in use to a business or agents without their permission. 

Agreed digitalization has taken the world by storm and has revolutionized the way we do business. But it has also made the privacy of data a top concern especially since it’s very vulnerable to data breaches and cyber-attacks that can happen anytime. 

Phone number masking is a great way to ensure data privacy from the customers’ point of view and is much needed for every business. So what is number masking? What are the benefits provided by it to businesses? How is it different from virtual numbers? Where can it be used? Answers to all these questions are provided in this article. 

What is Number Masking? 

Number masking is a method used by businesses to protect the identity of customers by allowing the anonymization of customers’ phone numbers. The phone number is masked. It does not allow sensitive customer information to be misused. It allows two parties to be connected without either of them knowing their phone number (anonymization). 

Number masking is also known as call masking or business number masking. Anonymization is not only for phone calls but also for online chats. Since numbers are masked on both sides, it creates a secured environment for a given period.

Call center software like Office24by7 cloud telephony solution generally offers number masking as one of the features where the first six digits of the phone number (of the agents as well as the customers) are hidden.

What are the Benefits Offered by Number Masking?

Number masking is one method whose benefits are not limited to guarding the privacy of sensitive data. Listed below are the many benefits offered by number masking. 

Builds a Secured Environment for Business to Customer Communication

Communication data in every business is very vital. Number masking ensures that all the business communication data is kept safe and secure without either party misusing it. This means that neither the agent nor the customers can call each other directly and violate the data policies. There is no chance for fraud, spamming or prank calls to occur with number masking.

It also means that number masking ensures healthy business transactions take place. This will ultimately lead to customers building a sense of trust and reliability towards your business.

Cuts Down Customer's Waiting Time and Automates Communication

Number masking cuts down customers waiting time to less than 20 seconds and this can improve the call quality, attract more customers and responses and increase a brand's value and boost its image.

It also automates your business communication and you can monitor any type of call whether it is incoming, or outgoing. Moreover, your business doesn’t need an operator to connect the call between the two parties.  

Saves Money

Number masking helps your business save money that would have otherwise been spent on purchasing many local phone numbers for communicating with customers.

Neither does your business have to spend extra money on anything to protect the privacy of data. Your business can also avoid unofficial business transactions that might take place on data getting breached.

Gain Real-time Insights and Control over Your Communication 

Number masking allows you to gain real-time insights into all your customer conversations. You can track, record, and analyze it which is otherwise difficult. These insights would help managers to analyze agents’ performances and thereby help improve them. You can also gain control over your business communication by checking the call logs.

Improves Customer Engagement and Increases Loyalty

Once customer data is kept private, it helps increase customer engagement and loyalty in the long run. It also helps your business to attract more customers as trust is maintained. 

Where can Number Masking Be Used?

Number masking can be used by businesses that offer delivery services, by applications that offer transportation or ride share, by e-commerce businesses, and by applications that provide online doctor appointments, medicines, etc.  


Number masking is an excellent feature and a must-have solution for every business that has an online presence. Not only the identity of customers and brands is protected, but it also helps maintain a healthy way of doing business.

Get started with the Office24by7 cloud telephony solution that has a number masking feature along with many other features to make your call center business the most sought after. Call our experts at 91 7097171717 or drop an email at today!