Steel Pipes Manufacturing Procedure
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Steel Pipes Manufacturing Procedure

Steel pipes are long hollow tubes that are employed for a variety for purposes. They are manufactured by two distinct approaches, which lead to either a welded or seamless pipe. In each approaches, raw steel is initial cast into a much more workable beginning kind. It is then created into a pipe, by stretching the steel out into a seamless tube, or forcing the edges together & sealing them with a weld.

 Welded pipes could be manufactured by one of the process, know as Electric Resistance Welding (ERW), where in a high frequency current is being utilised to fuse the steel with each other, resulting in welding at the seam for the pipe.

 Worldwide, ERW pipes are manufactured & distributed, looking at the various applications, various people are into manufacturing of steel pipes & tubes, following various Indian & International standards.

 In India many organization, are engaged into manufacturing & exporting for Quality ERW Pipes. They producers various kinds of ERW Pipes namely Black Pipes, Hot Dip Galvanized Pipes, Conduit Pipes, Casing Pipes, Scaffolding Pipes & General Engineering Purpose Pipes.

 These enterprises have huge production capacities, & holds certification related with various Indian as well as International standards.

 Maintaining the quality relating to the ERW pipes is of utmost importance too. The product must pass through stringent quality tests, before they're finally supplied. Raw Material shall be tested for Chemical Composition, Tensile Strength, Elongation coupled with Thickness & Tolerance. Pipes shall be hydraulically tested to ensure no leakage in the pipe. Galvanized pipes must be tested for uniformity of the zinc coating.

 As the quality is the lifeline regarding any industry, so at Steel pipes manufacturing corporations, Quality is not only checked, but is monitored & made, with the help for proactive & professional approach.

 Steel Pipes finds various applications in Commercial, Industrial, Residential & Agricultural areas. These pipes are utilised in Staircase Hand railings, Door Frames, Oil & Gas Industry, Structural & Scaffolding purposes, Green Houses, Shed for ware houses, Sanitary use concerning households, Sewage, Construction activities, Hand Pumps, Tube Wells, Boring, Water Distribution System & some other applications.

 Diversified type of steel is nevertheless to come, which will change the face related with all economies, with easy applicability adaptability, affordability, viability & stability.