Top 5 Web Browsers For Windows, Which One Do You Like Best?
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editricon Top 5 Web Browsers for Windows, which one do you like best?

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Thousands of users surf the web every day, and most of them use it for browsing. Browsers are the easiest way of finding the information you need. Which is the best web browser in the World? Its very difficult to find a perfect answer to this question. Here you can find a list of the main browsers found today and their characteristics.

1.Microsoft Internet Explorer
One of the most common and widely used web browser today is Internet Explorer by IT giant Microsoft. Its newest version, Internet Explorer 9, features some interesting things, and make it worthy of consideration again: It is faster, has a cleaner interface, smaller notifications, security is upgraded, and features tab isolation (so that not all your tabs crash when one does), a feature first seen in Google's Chrome. It also features one box for both addresses and web search, again something Chrome started doing, and a download manager.

Mozilla's Firefox is known to be as inherited from revered Mosaic browser and Netscape. It is the most successful web browser available as alternate option ever since the browser war was over. Firefox is the only web browser with hundreds of extensions and add-ons. It is tailored for simplicity, enhanced security, usability and extensibility. Mozilla is also an open source free web browser having built in mail and news clients.

3.Google Chrome
Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. The Windows version of Chrome includes Gears, which adds features for web developers typically relating to the building of web applications (including offline support). However, Google is phasing out Gears in favor of HTML5. It is expected that Google Chrome will be on the top of Best Web Browsers list.

Opera jumps into the web browser wars with its browser launch in 1996. since then Opera has brought off to endure the competition. With its consistent innovation and advanced modifications, Opera's web browser is now a complete Internet suit, with alike power users, fully featured chat, web, e-mail and RSS and unsent news.

Safari offers numerous features like ability to save webpage clips for viewing on the Apple Dashboard (Mac OS X only), a resizable web-search box in the toolbar which allows choice among Google, Yahoo! or Bing only, automatic filling in of web forms (“autofill”), bookmark integration with Address Book, etc.