Ways To Digitize Your Family Tree
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Ways to Digitize Your Family Tree

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Family tree, or named pedigree chart, is the traditional way of presenting family relationship and history. It seems like a memo pad that keeping record of all important family members and events. Maybe many people own his or her family tree, but do you know which one is the longest family tree in the world currently? According to history records, famous Chinese Philosopher and educator Confucius is the ancestor of Shang Dynasty King Tang, whose family tree spans about 1100 years, and includes more than 80 generations and 2 million members. That’s definitely a monumental work!
In the past, people record family history via paper books, pictures or oral stories. With the inventions of camera, computer and digital publishing, nowadays the means of recording family history are varied from conventional to modern types. Hereof, the below article will share 4 popular ways of digitizing family history.

1. Family Photo album. Collecting photos of family numbers and then preserving them into delicate family photo album is the conventional way to record family events after early camera was invented. Except collecting photos into photo album, people may also write some remarks on photos or on the back side. Therefore, the family photo album has ever become the most important keepsake of every family. When digital camera steps into everyone’s life, more and more people prefer to record family events and great occasions by digital photo album.
2. Family CD or DVD. When the digital ear comes, burning family videos and slideshow on CD or DVD is one popular way for recording family events. On engagement, wedding ceremony and anniversary, birthday, or other important occasions, people may often take some movies or video clips by digital camera, and then burn these memorable events on discs for forever cherishment. Some significant CD or DVDs even become the family inheritance.
3. Family website or blog. This way has become more and more popular gradually. Along with the wide use of computer, recording family history and events on blog or own website is a popular way of the present age. As many free blog sites, including Blogger, Blog, Just Journal etc, allow people to embed pictures, video and music to blog entries, so it makes the family blogs very colorful. Some sites, such as Roots Web, provide free space for families to take notes of family history on certain conditions.
4. Digital Family History Magazine. It’s a creative inspiration. The family photos, life-time stories and experiences are the main components of traditional family magazine. However, with the invention of digital publishing software, not only the family history magazine can be enriched with photos and stories, but also family movies, YouTube videos, flash, music, amazing clipart and effects, and vivid page turning effect etc can be inserted into family magazine to record family events and big days. As family magazine can be enriched with various multimedia elements and published on blog and websites, so it is preferred by a large quantity of digital lovers.

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