E-Book Screen: From E-Ink To Color
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e-Book Screen: from E-ink to Color

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Before the release of the Apple iPad, there is a popular product called "e-book reader" such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, etc. When you are using these products, you may feel that there are some differences between the screen display with commonly used LCD monitors, televisions, mobile phones and the OLED screen mobile phone or camera, the actual feel more close to traditional books is E-ink screen, then which kind of technology can e-books use and what are the characteristics?
E-Ink screen
Different from common screen and phone screen, there are some e-readers using the E-ink technology in their screens like Kindle. Like its name, the actual display is similar with traditional printing books. E-Ink constitutes with electronic ink and two substrate composition, it is coated with a myriad of tiny transparent particles composed of electronic ink particle diameter is only half the size of a human hair. As long as the adjustment of the color of the dye within the particle and micro-particles, will be able to show color and pattern to the electronic ink. Electronic ink coated paper, cloth or other flat objects properly it be an electric shock, you can make hundreds of millions of particles changes color, which according to the set of people continue to change the show the pattern and text. In this field, Kindle is an excellent product, you can download Kindle ebooks free and read on its E-ink screen to reduce your eyestrain.
E-Ink has many advantages, such as reading a very comfortable, flexible, low power consumption. Compared to traditional LCD technology, the better the reflectivity and contrast of the E-Ink. Looks like ink on paper, is a very comfortable feeling in the people to read and deal with the media. Other display materials feel a bit light and difficult to read in the light, including direct sunlight. On the contrary it is easy to read E-Ink screen for the e-book users, the user experience of the E-Ink will be better.

In addition, the E-Ink is the biggest feature is to keep the image or text information for up to a few weeks, no additional power input, and when the need to change the image displayed only a small amount of electrical energy. Its power consumption is very, very small, very suitable for mobile devices such as electronic reader. E-Ink technology does not support color display (now supported) and play the video is not smooth, low resolution, and because there is no backlight in low light or dark environment, so can not be applied in traditional monitors, televisions, mobile phones and other devices, but for the e-reader users, these features completely sufficient.
The evolution of e-book screen
Single black and white screen is definitely not to meet the growing appetite of consumers in general, and other mobile devices to do more and more brilliant screen if your device is just black and white screen, it will certainly be around people joke into the product of the last century, the e-book screen manufacturers also began trying to launch a color version, and let the full evolution. To meet the need, Amazon also applies the color screen to its first tablet Kindle Fire to compete with Apple’s iPad. To read ePub books on Kindle Fire, you should use ePub to Kindle Fire converter to convert ePub books to Kindle Fire supported ebook format.

Compared to E-ink technology, the mirasol display technology color performance will be better, compared with ordinary LCD screen in the sun allows users to see the picture clearer and more energy efficient and save some. Its dynamic picture and viewing angle performance is also better than the LCD screen in a dark environment, the lack of backlight screen is impossible to look at content, so regardless of the E-Ink or mirasol technology, they are more just suitable for use in a single function of the electronic reader products, such as monitor, TV display equipment, and mobile phones, the iPad Tablet PC and free ebooks for Nook tablet to achieve a variety of functions of intelligent devices, LCD, OLED display technology is a better choice.