What Is RAR File
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What is RAR File

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For the people who don’t often use RAR file, they may don’t know what is rar password and how to set rar password. But before we learn how to set rar password, we should know what is RAR file. RAR is a proprietary file format for data compression and archiving package, developed by Eugene Roshal, so its full name is Roshal ARchive.

Eugene Roshal was originally written for DOS version of the encoding and decoding process, and later ported to many platforms, such as the famous Windows platforms WinRAR. Eugene Roshal conditional open the source code of the decoding process, but the encoding process remains private.

RAR file extension is. Rar, MIME type application / x-rar-compressed.

RAR and ZIP are both lossless data compression, but compared to ZIP, RAR files have the higher compression ratio, but in a slower speed than ZIP. Since RAR file header will occupy a certain space, there is little room in data compression, the compressed file may be larger than the original file. One of the main advantages of RAR is it can compress the target file into multiple files, and easily separated from this extract the source files compressed files.

In addition, RAR format also supports tightening, all files are compressed to the same data area to increase the compression ratio, the cost of extracting a single file to extract it in front of all files. The new RAR encryption algorithm is using AES, and the old RAR encryption algorithm is private. Both algorithms are hard to break, so if you lost the password you can only use some recovery tools to do it and I recommend best rar password recovery for you. RAR can also add redundancy repair information, repair information in the file is damaged but can be good enough to repair the compressed package.

Usually you can use WinRAR to open RAR treatment and this is the most popular way.

Generally RAR’s compression ratio is higher than ZIP, but the compression / decompression speed is slower.

Sub-volume compression: compressed into multiple files.

Solid compression: the same as to compress a file to increase the compression ratio, the cost of access to any documents required to extract the package in the archive.

Recovery record: adding redundant data is used to repair damage in the archive itself, but the recovery record may be enough for a long time to recover the damaged archive.

Encryption: RAR 2.0 using AES, the encryption algorithm before the RAR private. Have not yet been directly compromised (at least not publicly), do not know the password can only brute force.

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