Smartphones - New Platform For SW Development
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Smartphones - New platform for SW development

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Software is a recent phenomenon. So to say, the Internet and PC boom is fairly recent as against the established industrial age businesses. And have we seen so much evolution in the technology business already! From the early age computers to laptops, the browser (Internet) revolution, cloud, social and mobile. Phew. Stats say – “A striking 87 percent of smartphone owners check the Internet or email on their phones, including 68 percent who do so generally every day, and 25 percent say they mostly go online using their phone, rather than with a computer.” It seems that for a software developer, the default platform of choice is now changing to smartphones. 

Long gone are the times when people would make apps for desktops and solve problems. That was long replaced by the web 2.0 era. But mobile is new. Smartphones still rely on native apps. For developers, be it games or utility, mobile is big. It is an avenue where consumers are ready to pay much more than what they would on a desktop (thanks to free web services) and given the volumes, there is lot money to be made. Mobile app development is sustainable, for now. 

The Native Vs HTML 5 Debate

While the new platform for software development is mobile and it is here to stay, there are plenty of arguments about internet doing to mobiles apps what it did to desktop. HTML 5 is catching up by so far it isn't up to the mark when it comes to competing with native mobile apps. Development companies specializing on mobile app development might want to keep an eye on how the future pans out, HTML 5 may well upset the mood.