Why Do People Prefer Android Over Windows Or Blackberry?
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Why do people prefer Android over Windows or Blackberry?

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A question that pops up in everybody’s mind before buying a new phone – Android or Windows or Blackberry; which OS to go for?

Android has been a clear leader in the Indian markets. Here is a compilation of my thoughts why Android is preferred over Windows and Blackberry.

The major reason would be the number of options and brands available for any kind of budget. The cost for an Android phone ranges between Rs. 3,200 (Micromax Smarty A25) and Rs. 45,000 (HTC Butterfly).

I believe the average price would not exceed above 10 grand for a good Android phone which is pretty much affordable.

At the same time, Windows is very new. It doesn’t provide a lot of variety to the consumer, the phones with same specs look costlier and the average cost is drastically more (approximately Rs. 20,000). There is only one option when the budget is less than Rs. 10,000 – Lumia 510 (Available for Rs. 9,500).

Coming to Blackberry, it doesn’t have much to show. If a user doesn’t make much of BBM then the phones sound unnecessarily costly!

The next major advantage Android has is the huge number of applications play store has. Windows is still evolving. It has given a lot of incentives to the developers and is coming strong but is still behind. On the other hand, Blackberry lacks applications. Most of the phones do not have a touchscreen and hence cannot support gaming applications.

Well, according to me – the fight between operating system would never end. Each OS has its own advantages and disadvantages. Android phones boasts variety, Windows phones have an awesome Metro Style UI and Blackberry for the QWERTY keypad.