What Type Of Employee Are You?
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What type of Employee are You?

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The working environment can be a very dynamic for any employee. So finding your place is a vital in having a successful career. Think you are the mastermind behind everything at work? Think again! Take 5 minutes to complete this quiz made by HR on line from Cezanne and find out what type of employee you really are. Are you the people pleaser? Or are you the loyalist? Some times we all fall into roles we aren’t happy with or we fall into roles we love. Whatever role you may be playing in the office don’t forget you are always in control and you can make changes and become whatever you want!

There are many different personalities that you might run into at work, these include the robot, this is the kind of person that always wants to be told what to do from the leader, they crave stability. They are a big value to the company but can be quite high maintenance at the best of times. Another type of personality is the performer, always wants results from the hard work they have put in, the performer’s goal is to achieve guidelines.

Now ont o some of the more important people in the business, the leader, he/she is the one who is the most experienced in the office. They are always seen giving new employees a helping hand with their many years of experience. The workaholic, this is the employee that is a massive value to any company, when you feel that you are the last person to leave the office. You then look up just when your leaving and see there is still one light on, that is the workaholic, they would do work until killed them if they could. They care about the business astronomically and would do anything asked of him, with no questions asked.

In conclusion, everyone in the office are a value to the company no matter your role, your personality or your age. Have a go at the quiz, you might find something out about yourself that you didn’t know beforehand, you may be amazing at your job but what type of employee are you?

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