How Style Changes Have Effected College Students
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How style changes have effected college students

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Fashion trends come and go especially for college students as they are forever changing their style especially with different trends becoming more popular over the years, this article will take you through some of the most popular trends over the years. They are always evolving and are often a reflection of the times. Many different trends have emerged in our constantly changing society.

In the 1960’s, skinheads were a major trend. Ska music was a huge influence on skinhead trends, which had a lot in common with the Jamaican rude boy style. This is because many of the skinheads of that generation often lived in areas where immigrants from the West Indies live. This was very popular with college students back then, with a majority of students taking an interest into ska music. 

Many clothing companies now take inspiration from the vast collection of trends, which were present in the past. Sik Silk clothing with is normally worn by college student because that particular brand is very casual, it takes inspiration from British street style and incorporates American baseball styles in their well-crafted collection. Their signature style often showcases vintage designs and have a strong retro balance.

If you were to look at fashion today it's very clear that it is still evolving, we are more open than before to experimenting and being an individual. We are lucky that our generation is not confined to the conformist ways of the past.

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