The Future Is FinTech
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The Future Is FinTech

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Fintech Compliance Consultants are one of the first consultancies that specialize in technology based,  innovative and alternative financial services.  They provide with an assortment of services.  Like online AML training,  Comply of Lite,  Audit and Ad Hoc and more.  They are one of the most dedicated financial services compliance consultancy who specializes in advertising technology based, innovative and alternate businesses. They work with some financial services and firms and help to prepare the industry for a bright new future.

The companies that are Fintech Compliance

Most of the companies are now Fintech Compliant. There are around 1300 businesses in the world that are still growing, and they are Fintech compliant. UK Fintech has also generated around 6.6 billion pounds in revenue, and the leading cities in the UK that are Fintech compliant are London, Manchester, Leeds, and Belfast.

How much revenue that Fintech accumulate through out the world

California has a market share of about 4.7 billion pounds and revenue of 3.6 billion pounds with an employer base of 74000 businesses. New York has a market share of 5.6 billion pounds and revenue of 1.4 billion pounds with a population of 57000 employees.  Uk is known to have a market share of 6.6 billion pounds and a revenue share of  524 million pounds with about 61000 employees.

Germany has a market share of 1.8 billion and revenue of 388 million pounds with an employee strength of 13000.  Following these companies are Singapore, Australia with a market share of 4.7 billion pounds  0.6 billion dollars and 0.7 billion dollars consecutively with an employee strength of 7000, 8000 and 10000 and a revenue of  44 million pounds,  46 million pounds  and  198 million pounds respectively.

Global growth of Fintech

Fintech Compliance  has done the company proud with some of the best Global growth of 4.5 billion pounds in the United States, 2 billion pounds in China, 1.65 billion pounds in India, 770 billion pounds in Germany, and 631 million pounds in Ireland. The increase in revenue in Europe has been around 120%. Apart from that, there has been 51% increase in deals worldwide. The growth of investment in the first quarter of every year has been a significant 67%. 62% of investments have already gone to Europe and Asia while there has been 201% increase in investment over a year.

There are a huge number of employees who have been working with Fintech all over the world in the leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, and many more countries all over the world. California and United States are known to have over  74000 employees,  followed by the United Kingdom who has employed over 61000 people that are the highest number of employees in the world.

What are the services that Fintech Provides?

Financial services are always made comfortable  with  FinTech.  FinTech specializes in Alternative  Finance and technological based financial services.  They also provide App based complaint training, FCA applications for authorization, Comply, Comply, Lite, Comply Audit, Comply documentation and many more financial services that help a company rise to the peaks of success. They have an expert team who are skilled and well trained in financial management services as well.

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