What Are 4 C'S
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What are 4 c's

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You’ve found the one; now the next step is quickly approaching you and the pressure is on to buy the perfect ring for your special lady. This is not something that you should take lightly. In fact, you are actually about to part with a substantial amount of money! Almost all women know the rule that any potential suitor is expected to spend one to three months’ salary on any engagement ring. So sorry to burst your bubble men but your special lady probably has some high expectations. So not only are you about to be spending a lot of money, you are also purchasing an object, which, is a permanent symbol of your relationship status with the most important person in your life. So this decision is not one to take lightly! Don’t stress Berganza are here to help you through the process.

When looking for that perfect ring you’re going to want to take some of the universally agreed rules of diamond buying into consideration before making that purchase! This will help to avoid any potential disappointment.


If you have ever heard that saying ‘diamonds are a girl's best friend’ then it's some thing you need to start living by.

First things first, get yourself acquainted with the four C's. These four C’s- cut, clarity, colour and finally Carat. These 4 C’s are possibly one of the most helpful things you can familiarize yourself with when taking the big plunge!

When considering the cut, you need to have an ideal shape in mind. One of the most common cuts is the classic circle; other cuts include emerald, marquise, princess, oval, pear and the most modern being the heart shape. The way the diamond is then gone on to be cut is important a diamond with 57 to 58 facets (these are the tiny planes which are cut into the surface of the diamond) the way these are angled and sized will be important this is because they dictate how the light is reflected off the surface. Which will provide your diamond with a highly defined sparkle.

Clarity this is something, which can be viewed as not as important as the other C’s. Something which commonly happens is people will get extremely caught up with the clarity of a diamond. If you were to take a jewelers magnifying glass and look at the surface of your diamond you’d small inclusions. These inclusions are known as nature's fingerprints. Don’t worry they don’t actually look like fingerprints they actually like small clouds or feathers and they are completely invisible to the naked eye. So there is no real need to worry about something, which is not even visible! Just make sure the diamond is graded SI1 or for the best IF is what you should be looking at. The worst being I3. So as long as you steer clear of that then you will have nothing to worry about

Now we are at Carat, every girl will know what Carat is! It’s the weight of the diamond, which means the higher the weight the larger the diamond will be. The average diamond engagement ring will be roughly between one Carat to half a Carat. The most important thing to remember is to is do not get confused with Karats which, is the unit of purity gold is measured in.

 Finally, we have colour, now colour is subjective however there are a few rules for choosing the colour of your diamond. The rarest and most valuable colour out there is white diamond, which is technically a colourless diamond. These colourless diamonds are scaled as ‘D’ grade diamonds and the grading system moved up to a ‘Z’. Knowing these two extremes will help you know where your diamond falls on the colour spectrum.

 Finally and the most important thing when choosing the right ring for your beloved is knowing her style and personality. Talk to each other and find out what she wants. This will be the most helpful when choosing the style of ring.

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