How To Create An Eye-Catching Price List Online
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How to create an eye-catching price list online

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A price list is crucial for any business, regardless of its product or service offering. It is vital to understand that a price list is what will enable your business to provide its valued audience with a fluid and stress-free user experience with you. After all, without having an active and comprehensive price list, how would your customers know what your products/services cost?

Also, who has time to make calls or visit a business in person to inquire about pricing? You can use price lists to communicate your worth to your customers. There are a million techniques you can use to make the process easier and more valuable for your business!

And that is what this guide will help you achieve.

Keep it functional

How to create an eye-catching price list online

Price lists shouldn't have extensive, unnecessary information that can intimidate your target audience. Instead, plan on keeping it simple, concise, and convenient. List down all your products/service offerings, complemented by short descriptions. Make sure your price list is coherent with your pricing strategy and fluent. It is better to avoid confusing and clashing price lists that seem to be all over the place.

Another tactic that will help your price list be efficient would be to make it shareable. Imagine if your customers found your prices super attractive and wanted to share them with their friends and family ASAP! Would you prefer having them copy and paste everything or struggle with taking screenshots? Or would you want them to hit "share" and get done with it?

Pick a design that is "neat"

The internet is filled with design templates to help you achieve attractive price list designs. You can find well-designed price list templates on PosterMyWall to choose from. However, your price list should have an equal balance of aesthetics and performance. Pick or develop a look that relates to your brand and does not seem too 'stuffy.'

Do not forget to use your logos, themes, and other visual aesthetics. After all, you wouldn't want your customer to feel like they are reading a newspaper. Let's not forget that aesthetic designs are the new "cool" in the market today.

Make it as dynamic as possible

A thing about modern-age customers is that they love the ease of accessibility. If your customer has to go through the hassle of accessing your price list and product offering separately, they might lose interest as soon as they access your website. Therefore, trying to make your price list dynamic and interactive is pivotal.

You can't have your customers struggling on your website to find the products they saw on the list! Using hyperlinks in the list is one easy and sure-shot method of ensuring accessibility to your audience. Or, sparingly, using pictures in the list for complex items/services can be another method of adding depth to your price list (remember, we don't want the list to look messy). Make it easy for the people!

Make the best use of online platforms

If you are a new business, chances are your human resource is limited and hiring a graphic designer is your last priority. The planning phase can get you all worked up! In this case, make the best use of the various design tools on platforms such as PosterMyWall to achieve a design for your price list as close to what you have envisioned. Don't be shy to use their templates! They are practical, creative, cheap, and can produce outcomes better than your expectations. Say bye to wasting hours on something “basic,” and don’t shy away from experimenting.

Be sure to use an appropriate visual aid

Use food and service-related pictures or videos if your business deals with food. Your audience doesn't need to be confused with a visual aid that does not resonate with the business model. Moreover, using pictures or videos in price lists can help give the customer better clarity of your products/services.

Send custom email campaigns

Customers often prefer proactively being updated about pricing changes. Rather than having to find out about price hikes when they are about to hit "pay", inform them beforehand.  An easy-to-edit price list should be your goal if a price change occurs.

More importantly, consider developing custom email campaigns for efficiently marketing your price lists. Email marketing is the most cost-efficient digital marketing technique available today, so you should plan on making the best use of it! You can browse easy to edit email templates on PosterMyWall. It will help you save time and make this take a whole lot easier!

You can stay connected with your existing and potential customers and keep them in the loop of the changes in your pricing methods.

It might take a couple of tries to get your price list perfect, and that's okay. Once you get the knack for it, keep your price lists updated and backed with intuitive pricing strategies and sufficient market research. Make the process fun for your team and clients by experimenting.