Top 3 Everyday Watches For Men
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Top 3 Everyday Watches for Men

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Influential men around the world are recognized by their sense of style and panache, reflected strongly in the wristwatch they wear. A watch is a symbol of power, prestige and status, allowing you to fittingly organize and effectively control the rhythm of life. In other words, the function of a watch is embedded in our everyday day.

 For a watch enthusiast, one watch is never enough – he’ll have the perfect match for every outfit and won’t shy away from investing in more when another one catches his fancy. On the other hand, there are also those who can’t leave their house without their watch, content in the comfort of their everyday companion. The watch you wear everyday should mirror your lifestyle, your personal sense of fashion, your routine and your priorities. If you’re someone who wears suits and blazers on a regular basis, choosing a watch that is understated, elegant and beats the cuff test is a top priority. On the other hand, if you spend more time outdoors than being in front of a desk, a rugged and sporty timepiece would be the ideal match. For many,luxurious watches for men mark an important milestone in their life – college graduation, first big promotion or any other important box checked off the bucket list. But some where in the middle of this multitude of occasion specific watches, the everyday watch holds an irreplaceable position. A decadent everyday timepiece is the most versatile, all-round accessory in your wardrobe. It’ll pair with a formal date outfit just as well as it would with a polo shirt when you go for golf with the boys. Simply put, the everyday watch is a true reflection of who you are and it’ll give you great company irrespective of where you go and the company you keep.

The most opulent players in the time keeping industry offer a wide range of everyday men’s watches, known for their flawless crafts manship and hands-on functionality. Here’s a list of top 3 everyday watches to look out for:

1. Rolex- Oyster Perpetual Collection

Any conversation about men’s luxury watches would be incomplete without a mention of the king of timekeeping – Rolex. Rolex timepiece is an investment that is guaranteed to quadruple in preciousness. The Oyster Perpetual series by Rolex is set apart with its classic, universally acclaimed sense of fashion.  Every piece from the collection is an amalgamation of timeless aesthetics and top in class functionality. The understated simplicity and elegance of the timepiece makes for an ideal everyday watch.You will flaunt it with any outfit you wear and future generations would hope to get their hands on this invaluable heirloom.

2. Cartier - Ballon Bleu De Cartier

First launched in 2007, the Ballon Bleu collection by Cartier is an exemplification of the brand’s 150 years of expertise in the craft of watchmaking. A true reflection of Cartier’s legacy, every piece from the collection is intricately crafted to perfection. Add a dash of simplistic elegance to your everyday wardrobe, with the convex styled case, sword-shaped hands, roman numerals to mark the hours and an iconic guillochedial. Made to look good on any wrist and readily paired with every outfit, this classic collection by Cartier is a clear winner in the lost of top watches to wear in 2017.

3. Omega - De Ville Prestige Collection

One of the brand’s most popular collections till date, Omega’s De Ville Prestige wristwatches are known for their understated, unadulterated and pure sense of style. Creating a series of truly classicflair, every model from the collection is an embodiment of eternal sophistication and elegance. The timepieces incarnate a certain timelessness that will never cease to be beautiful. Be it a casual day out or a formal board meeting, your watch is going to leave a lasting impression about you, truly representing what matters to you most.

Add a chic appeal to your daily wardrobe with the addition of a luxurious everyday timepiece. Find a piece that mirrors your personality, to make a strong statement about who you are and where you want to be.