Tips To Market An Android App
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Tips To Market An Android App

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Some years back people used to operate desktop computers and laptops for their basic technical needs. But time has changed now advancement in technology made it really easy for people to make their basic needs fulfilled with a handhold device. Various apps out there has made people day-to-day life very easy and hence has became a part of it.

Undoubtedly Android has one of the biggest app store that is dominating the app world in present times. Moreover, Android app store is constantly adding more and more apps to their surfeit of apps. The main reasons behind this world wide acceptance of Android are its rich user-experience, featured-rich apps and flexible app development platform.

Nowadays, having a featured app is not enough to get success in this highly competitive digital world as many Android market is already have surfeit of similar app. So to make your app success it is must to have a winning marketing strategy. To make that task easy for you, here we have compiled a list of a few tips that one can use to market an Android app successfully. Check them out:

Select A Platform –
One can't hold the hand of a designer when they come to show their creativity. These days, devices of almost every possible sizes are available out there with various OS (Operating System), targeting all of them would be too expensive. So instead of choosing all of them at one go, better to target to any particular OS and planning your marketing strategy accordingly.

Avoid Slow Loading Of Ads –
Very important thing that one should take care of before promoting an app is that the ads included in the app should not take more time to load as this can frustrate your users. Maximum time that is tolerable is five seconds, loading time of ads of an app should not exceed than this.

Freemium App –
Freemium apps are those that are launched as free to download for some time so that more and more people can use it and once the app start getting popularity owner can start charging some fees to from its users. Charges can be set as per the market response. This is one of the best marketing strategy as it is easy to influence people with discounts, rewards, coupons and free stuffs.

Multi-language Option –
Android devices are not limited to some state or country, they are available in almost all parts of the world. So it would be beneficial for your app to lounge your app in multiple languages instead of sticking to just one language – English; so that Android users around the globe can use that app.

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