Entrepreneur Opportunities Abound. Wanted! Entrepreneurs Who Hate The Idea Of Having To Sell..
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Entrepreneur opportunities abound. Wanted! Entrepreneurs who hate the idea of having to sell..

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Entrepreneur opportunities

by Phil Polson on December 16, 2012

Entrepreneur opportunities abound

Entrepreneur opportunities abound but do you have the selling skills to seriously profit from your entrepreneurial efforts?


Entrepreneurs, business owners and start up owners, who hate the idea of having to sell….But deep down know that they need to be skilled in sales for their business to prosper in today’s economy.

entrepreneur opportunities

We fully understand the incredible sacrifices that YOU the business owners make every day to maximize your Entrepreneur opportunities that make your business happen, to feed and cloth your kids. To keep a roof over your head.

To fend off monumental compliance and bureaucratic demands with a positive go ahead attitude needed just to survive let alone prosper at the Entrepreneur opportunities that you have chosen in business today.

But, staying positive can be difficult at times, can’t it.

Really wanting something in your own business and being convinced it’s a good thing for you, will generally lead to it’s being realized. Entrepreneur opportunities can turn into great income earners. Never say something is impossible, or that you can’t do it. Always have hope your dreams can become reality, and never lose that vision and drive for your Entrepreneur opportunities.
All great discoveries were made by people who believed in them, and never doubted they’d achieve their goals.

Keep moving forward until your dreams come true. Of course, you’ll encounter obstacles along the way, but you should try to see them as tests of your Entrepreneur opportunities and your will and motivation, rather than as setbacks. Do that, and your life will be much more interesting. Seeing obstacles as stepping-stones to success, rather than as barriers, will help you evolve to ever-higher states of awareness. We should all be patient, and move forward at our own speed. Just remember that building a business of your own from any Entrepreneur opportunities isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon run on a complex course. Pace yourself but learn how to make sales.

Because without sales – nothing happens!

Are you ready for the role reversal that is happening every day in your business?

Legitimate businesses stemming from the initial Entrepreneur opportunities will thrive on the exposure and attract new long term and more profitable clients. If you really hate the thought of being seen as a salesperson, we can’t shove it down your throats. What we can do is start you thinking positively in favour of being more sales oriented and then walk you through the successful sales process that brings your Entrepreneur opportunities to life – Cash and cash flow life!

If Cash is King then cash Flow surely is the Queen.

Now it is the “survival of the best prepared, coupled with the right know-how-the right tools and the right attitude”. Not necessarily the smartest, the unemployment lines are full of well educated people. There are unsuccessful geniuses on every street corner. …. Business Owners Learning to sell will give you more than a fighting chance to succeed, with many new entrepreneur opportunities opening up for you everywhere you look.

Why do I say….’’the best Entrepreneur opportunities happen for Business Owners who are prepared with know-how”.


  1. More Income, Less Stress
  2. More Fulfillment, Less Worry
  3. More Joy, Less Fear a business owners goal

Business owners we work with tell us that just like us you are in business because Entrepreneur opportunities attract them like a magnet and because;

  • You have a dream & a vision for a more prosperous future
  • You want to have full control of what you do & when
  • You’re tired of inefficient bureaucratic organizations handicapping Business Owners and Entrepreneur opportunities
  • You want far greater income than a JOB (Just Over Broke) will pay you
  • You desire to have the freedom & lifestyle that you want
  • You wish to make an impact on others’ lives
  • You want to leave a legacy for family & future generations from your Entrepreneur opportunities
  • You want to take holidays when you want too…

I also know first hand that being a business owner, who likes nothing better than helping others who have taken up the challenge that good Entrepreneur opportunities bring, can really drain the life out of you…or stress you to an early death.

I’ve lost friends and relatives this way.

Entrepreneur opportunitiesMy name is Phil Polson and I’m the founder of the Sales Drive Group. We are a group of professionals who have chosen to collaborate together & combine our extensive experience & knowledge to share information and Entrepreneur opportunities to create a true “collaborative thinking alliance” for the benefit of fellow business owners.

I know from experience that just getting started in business, especially if you’re trying to get it up on the internet ahead of a myriad of other Entrepreneur opportunities at the same time can flush buckets of your hard earned money down the drain……& waste LOADS of your valuable time… plus with family, partners, investors & peer group pressures, you the Business Owners can soon reach the point where you just want to throw your arms up, shake your head, drop all Entrepreneur opportunities & simply give up – give it all away!

And, as statistics sadly prove this is exactly what happens in a significant percentage of businesses & start-ups. All this can often leave you wondering if you’ve “risked it all” in the entrepreneur opportunities that you have pursued.

My fervent desire is to see that this never happens, or stops happening, to you and other Business Owners. This is the stage of my business life that I am at…..not the beginning, not the end (hopefully) simply sharing & helping others succeed at making sales.

This is my passion.

I now want to inspire the next generation of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, who want to capitalize on Entrepreneur opportunities become consultative salespeople as well; business builders just like you who are now coming through. I’m excited about the evolution & expansion of my sales & marketing skills onto the vastness of the World Wide Web and all its Entrepreneur opportunities.

And I’m not some “instant expert” who pretends to know what they’re talking about……

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Entrepreneur opportunities abound but do you have the selling skills to seriously profit from your entrepreneurial efforts?