Digital Asset Management System Software Features
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Digital Asset Management System Software Features

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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital asset management is said to be the management of tasks and the decisions that surround the storage, retrieval and distribution of digital assets. This can even include digital photos, videos, animation, music that is generally for the media. It is also called media asset management. These systems may even include the computer software and other hardware systems that will aid in this process. This system also refers to the protocol which is used for downloading, backing up, renaming, optimizing, grouping, etc where files are also exported. Here the content is also managed effectively and is used in a variety of applications.

Where is this Management System used?

The Digital Asset Management System finds a lot of applications in the IT sector which is generally used by the business operation technology where it depends on the functional and non-functional requirements of the system. When it comes to the storage and archival, this system is not expensive as it has an incredible performance rate. Thus, it can be said that this kind of System comes in handy as far as the management and efficient organization are concerned. Moreover, it also makes a very good database bringing an end to the manual system.

How this kind of management system can be utilized?

The Digital Asset Management System is utilized by collecting and storing the assets in a digital format. This asset is given the required details using the metadata where metadata is the description of the asset that tends to vary based on the requirements of the system. This means that the asset content is investigated for its package which it holds. There are always predefined standards as far as the metadata is concerned.

Types of Digital Asset Management System

This kind of system is classified broadly as:

  • Brand asset management: deals with the facilitation of the content which is reused within the larger organizations. The content here is generally used for marketing and sale related purposes like the use of logos, fonts, imagery, etc.
  • Library asset management: it usually focuses on the retrieval and storage of media assets that usually change from time to time like in photo archiving and video.
  • Production asset management: this is another category of this kind of asset management system where the main focus lies in the management of assets that are especially being created for the production in the digital media.


The Digital Asset Management System has helped making the work of the media world easy. This is because accessing information has become very easy with its own set of encoders and decoders to translate the required information. This system can also edit and update new data and is the perfect tool that has a good set of access control, resource availability, latency and capacity for all the users. This system can be found in various designs and helps every company to optimize their business when it comes to Digital Asset Management System where all the delivery requirements are fulfilled.