Inter-Face; Blessing And A Disguise
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Inter-face; Blessing and a Disguise

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Vice President, Professional Services and International Sales
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I have always been thrilled about the way the computer- user interface has progressed over the years. The initial memories of using DoS commands, to playing the 'bat n ball' game on a computer to now using sensory motions has been quite a journey. Since I had partly seen the evolution i tend to admire the journey traversed and am at awe on what to expect in the future. The Computer-User interface has moved from the early usage of punch cards to one of the most misused jargons today- the GUI (Graphic User interface). There are now research articles on the further evolution of GUI to NUI and even OUI- read- Natural User Interface and Organic User Interface. The younger generations datum on the interface usage is the NUI- I-Phone and the latest gadgets have integrated this into our day to day life. My year old daughter pinches her fingers to zoom in and out of an i-phone- amazing to see her self learn and practice this. I do remember a young MIT graduate of Indian Origin proudly showing the future- OUI; Brain computer interfaces probably is going to change the entire landscape of the technological evolution in the 21st century. I believe that when my daughter is in school she will probably be using the Google glass whilst in class and retrieving tons of information real time from the net along with her friends which will then be used for a more meaningful discussion to create a better world.