Failure After The Success
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Failure after the success

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Freinds normally everybody has to face it in the life time if you are lucky enough you face it one time .

It breaks one's heart one's soul and the affected person thinks that he is the worst person in the world for the job he failed in. It brings the person in a state of mind where he starts looking for some Pillars to help him stand again, Pillars like Astrologers, Palmists, etc. The person who believes in god starts complaining or to be true crying in front of god when alone why God did this to him?

I know this stage as I passed it couple of months ago, and I am sharing the way I overcome this stage.

Please do not find pillars outside, complain to the god but also analyse within yourself. Had you ever given credit to the god when you were having SUCCESS every minute of your life, I am sure the awnser will be NO!.

Now I know that whatever we do is like a puppet does, The same person gets the success with all he does and he starts thinking that I am the perfect man for this job and nobody is better, and after some time the same persons with the same efforts fails in doing so.

So please don't be guilty because this is something you are not controling only re check that you do not do anything wrong or you don't harm any body.

And Failure is the step for a better success and fame, collect your all the energies, skills, have faith in your god and start over again, only then you will believe this .

I know lot of you disagree with me but it doesn't matter to me .

I am writing my own experience

Raj Saxena