The UK Property Market For International Investors - 2020 Guide
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The UK property market for international investors - 2020 guide

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With a diverse range of cities offering exciting returns and promising growth for the future, it’s easy to see why so many international investors are drawn to the UK’s thriving buy to let property market. Interested in finding out more about the exciting, opportunity-filled state of the UK property market in 2020? Here are a few different things to consider.

Finding the best areas

As an international investor looking in on the UK market, it might be difficult trying to identify some of the best areas to go with if unfamiliar. Those with intrinsic knowledge of a certain area might find that they have advantages and knowhow that they can leverage, but on the flip side, an investment in property should be treated as a business endeavour, and often personal attachment to an area or property can be to the detriment of profit and return.

The UK property market for international investors - 2020 guide

Being the capital and perhaps the most exciting city in the country for tourism and constant ongoing events, London is of course going to draw the eyes of many investors looking to capitalise on the UK market. It’s certainly true that this city does have a lot going for it, but unless you’ve got a healthy amount of capital and are willing to seat yourself within an area for a long time without seeing flourishing returns, there are other areas that could prove more fruitful. Currently, northern areas of the UK such as Liverpool and Manchester offer the best returns in the UK. With regards to buy-to-let investment specifically, which is how you make a consistent secondary income, Liverpool is the only city in the country with a postcode exceeding 10% (in the L1 area).

Investing from afar

Of course, one of the major issues that comes with investing in overseas markets, particularly when you’re investing something physical and tactile like a property/real estate, is that you’re largely unable to visit your investment and check over it in person. Given current events, and the fact that people aren’t even able to leave their homes due to the pandemic, this has been exasperated even further. However, much like technology is increasingly allowing us to connect with friends and family far away, it’s also putting entrepreneurs in touch with investments and investment markets that they previously wouldn’t have thought possible.

RWinvest, a property investment company with offerings throughout Liverpool and Manchester, are taking virtual appointments during the COVID pandemic, and have been doing a similar sort of thing with international investors for some time now. With screen shares, accompanying guides, videos and podcasts, and even virtual reality viewings, it’s an all-encompassing package that really allows for an investor to get to grips with an investment before making their final decision.

Managed on your behalf

Those focused on their own immediate endeavours, or with diverse investment portfolios that they don’t have the time to micromanage day in, day out, might want to opt for a more hands-off approach when it comes to their investment property. Thankfully, many modern apartments and buildings throughout up and coming cities in the UK have fully on-site management companies that take a small percentage of the monthly rent and deal with all tenant issues on your behalf. With full concierge services and a local team that understand the building and are equipped to handle all problems, it’s the perfect combination for international investors looking to reap the rewards of the property market from afar.