What Is The Role Of A Quantity Surveyor?
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What is the role of a Quantity Surveyor?

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During a civil engineering course, a person learns many things related to the course. And after the degree, they apply this in their profession. They also learned about quantity surveyor skills, which are the backbone of civil construction work.

A quantity surveyor is responsible for major work during civil construction. First, you need to know about quantity surveyor

What is a Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor is a major person for civil construction work, they control the construction process by forecasting the budget, controlling quality, maintaining legal action, and liaising between clients and engineers. And do more things in civil construction work.

The Roll of Quantity Surveyor

A quantity surveyor has many works to do mentioned below:

-       Calculate the budget for civil construction

-       Determine the budget for each stage of construction

-       Advise the legal way of construction

-       Maintain the word quality

-       Generating bills

-       Preparing report on construction work

-       Prepare Material reconciliation report

-       Advising about property tax

Syllabus of Quantity Survey Course

To become a quantity surveyor, you just need to do a quantity survey course from a government-recognised institute. A recognised academy has a proper syllabus for the quantity survey course;

Let see a take a look at the quantity survey course syllabus:

-        S-Curve Reporting

-        Management of economic order quantity & danger level

-        Material procurement strategy

-        Material reconciliation skill

-        Analysis of rate as per the market rate

-        Profit and loss analysis

-        Labour output analysis

-        Machinery output analysis

-        Bar bending technique

-        Calculational the budget for civil work

-        Estimation procedure during the design phase by the client

This is a brief of the syllabus of the quantity survey course visit the site for a detailed syllabus.


With the proper quantity survey skill, a quantity surveyor manage all the civil construction work effectively.