#24 - Child Labor And Entrepreneurship
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#24 - Child Labor and Entrepreneurship

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There seems to be many child beggars and that they live in extremely bad conditions. Would it be valuable to legalize some jobs for them? I'm sure entrepreneurs would capitalize on this when incentives are given for employing those who require complete training and probably have special needs beyond a normal child. This could at minimum begin to address several problems of today in a sustainable way and that perhaps many generations down there might be a significant reduction in the total number of child beggars. We could perform econometric analysis to test this idea. Or we could just give it a try without computing statistics on a model for which a necessary budget might never get approved. It's amazing how everything is really one but that how we can divide to fragments. We require finance, economics, mathematics, statistics, computing, entrepreneurship, and others to comprehensively look at one issue. I guess the experts in any field without much big picture experience or the managers without much detail oriented experience lead to serious problems from child beggars to market instability and everything in between particularly when there isn't a network of leadership instilled with the spirit of entrepreneurship. I keep giving to child beggars but sometimes I feel this isn't enough for me and everytime I feel this isn't enough for them. What's funny is how things are usually given away like taking off burden. Assuming this within a majority, we should give away the child beggars to jobs created by the entrepreneurs. We hear people giving a lot of weight to social work in their life's goals for any number of reasons. How about they support a child beggar find jobs which might add long term values to life besides meeting needs temporarily. Of course, we couldn't have such jobs without entrepreneurship supported by the policy makers enough to positively affect child beggars. Regarding entrepreneurship, when there aren't enough child beggars then the related enterprises might go out of business. This would be great at minimum and perfect when the entrepreneurs have also profited raising entrepreneurship's value as a problem solving approach. The problem of child beggars isn't just human but deeply social about which there isn't enough one could discuss. I don't think we need econometric analysis when funding isn't available to realize the problem. Although, it would be very useful to analyze the benefit of entrepreneurship while it provides jobs to child beggars over the years.