For The Beginners In IT - A Necessary For Those Who Are Looking For Jobs
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For the beginners in IT - a necessary for those who are looking for jobs

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Majority of Companies are conducting tests like the ones given here.  So to get prepared go through the following before you happen to go for any interview or a company which follows some standards and where there is a chance that such tests can happen.

Part 1:Personality Assessment  - This assessment is a timed one, for about  15 minutes, a strictly Personality-oriented portion, plus questions that ask about a person’s flexibility, assertiveness, motivation, mental toughness.  It is a much more subjective test than the aptitude test. All these sections totaled together comprise the full Personality Assessment.


·         Answer honestly and fully.

·         Don't over think and try to guess the 'best answer'.

Part 2: Aptitude Test - This too is generally a timed one for about 30 minutes  test, in multiple-choice format, that presents the taker with word and mathematical problems that measure problem solving, comparative, quantitative and analytical abilities.

Preparing for the Test

The  Online tests are generally timed, 30 minutes, computer-based aptitude and behavioral test consists of 2  or more parts.  You may find the guidelines helpful as you prepare to take the test.

Note: One is not allowed to take calculator.

Take pencil and sharpener to the test.

Carrying pen and paper too would be good.

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