Are You Getting Apt SEO Services?
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Are you getting apt SEO services?

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There are numerous companies in the market who claim to be the best SEO companies. The real fact is that there are many companies who want to make fast money and are using ‘black hat’ SEO techniques.

Thus you must know how to differentiate between the good and the bad SEO service. There are certain services that an SEO company must provide you, if they are not providing certain particular services they are just playing with your money.

Following are some of the services that an SEO company must provide:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis: This is the first thing that a reputed SEO company must do i.e. to discuss the appropriate keywords or key phrases. For this they will need to use the right keyword analysis tool. The keywords or key phrases must be relevant to your services or products. It will make no sense to use keywords that the public never searches for and then expect your site to be on the top.
  • Website Analysis: The first thing that must come in your mind looking at your website is that whether it is search engine friendly or not? The structure and the built of your website play a very important role in the ranking of your website and also in designing an impactful SEO strategy. It is very important for the search engine to know about your services and products. A prompt analysis is very important as it will help the search engine to index your website. This also informs the SEO Company as to what kind of optimization needs to be done whether on page or off page optimization is required.
  • SEO Copywriting: After complete analysis of your website, a reputed SEO company will also suggest you to hire copywriting services. The content of the website must be relevant and SEO friendly. The SEO Company will have to make changes in your website, if they are not doing this it means that they are not providing appropriate SEO services. SEO copywriting is also of two types i.e. ‘on’ and ‘off’. On page copywriting services is something that is readable to the visitors. Off page copywriting is something that the visitors cannot read. It is meant for providing information to the search engines. A major part of off page copywriting is writing ‘meta descriptions’. If your website does not have Meta descriptions it will never be indexed by the popular search engines.
  • Analysis of the competitors’ website: The best way to analyze the amount of SEO work that is required can be done by analyzing the website and the area of target of your competitors in the market. The amount of effort, money and time that your competitors have unvested will influence to a great extent and give you determination to achieve the level of success they have achieved.
  • Link Building Services: Once you are done with the optimization of your website, you must think about the link building strategy for your website. Your website will have a higher rank when your website will have more links to it. But keep in mind that link building is a continuous process.