Tips And Tools To Unhide Non-System Files
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Tips and Tools to unhide non-system files

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Cyber crime is a popular business now-a-days. New variants of malware and phishing scams are spreading every moment at every corner of the cyber space. To achieve its goal malware uses several tricks. A common frustrating trick is that these hide files and folders by changing some settings in Windows registry. Such trick is used mainly by FakeHDD family of rogue anti-spyware programs by making it appear that the user has lost data on his hard drive and prompt you to purchase the program in order to resolve this issue. There are also cases where some worms (Stuxnet, varients of brontok, sohanad etc.) hide folders and create malicious shortcuts and/or executables that look alike that folders and thereby trick the user to execute those. Most common anti-malwares can detect and remove those malwares but commonly 'forgot' to unhide the files and folders. So, today I will give you tips to manually unhide non-system files and will also share tools to automate the process.

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