The 5 Best Business Collaboration Tools
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The 5 Best Business Collaboration Tools

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Collaborating in the business world is something that you should know how to do. It’s useful in many different professions. That’s true regardless of whether you’re working with clients or coworkers.

That’s why we took some time to compile this business collaboration tool list. These are some of the better ones on the market right now about which you should be aware.


ProProfs is an excellent business collaboration tool example. It’s all about accessing collective knowledge. With it, you can:

  • Store and organize vast informational libraries
  • Make collective information available so that your whole team can easily access it

With this software, you can manage and construct private wikis. If you’re trying to compile everything you and your coworkers know to share collective knowledge, this is for you. 

You can develop manuals and FAQs with it if you’re bringing a new person in on the project. This way, you can get them up to speed much faster than would otherwise be the case. 

The only potential drawback is that it won’t always work seamlessly with existing software systems you already have in place.

Google Docs

Google Docs is probably the best collaboration tool if you have several people who want to write together. With it:

  • One person can start a document
  • The next person can see what they wrote and comment on it
  • Other team members can add their feedback as well

For instance, maybe you work for a company, and you hired a freelancer to write a few static web pages for your business website. You want the freelancer to optimize those web pages with keywords.

With Google Docs, you can check in on what they’re doing to see if they’re on the right track. You can add helpful suggestions which they can incorporate as they move along.

This way, you can easily catch any mistakes before the project gets too far off course.


Loomio is a tool for crowdsourced decision making. It’s an app that allows you to democratize project decisions.

You can go on the app and see the discussion about the pros and cons regarding any major project decision. You can look at the arguments for and against, side by side. 

Then, you can add your opinion. Everyone involved can easily see who said what. If you disagree, you can visualize that with a pie chart to see how many people are for a specific action, and how many are against it.

If you’re trying to all arrive at what you feel like is the best place concerning a project, this is one of the fairest ways to do that. No decision comes down unilaterally.

This is probably one of the finest tools for addressing and resolving concerns that people have who are approaching a project from different standpoints.

Creativity 365

Creativity 365 is one of the market’s best content creation tools. Many business models rely on content creation, and this is a platform you can use to cultivate various team-generated ideas.

What sets this platform apart from the competitors is the many different content forms that you can make with it. For instance, you can create video presentations or interactive marketing slideshows.

You can also use it if you favor a Mac or a PC. It works with iPad, iPhone, and Android, so you can interface with it while you’re on the go, regardless of the smartphone or tablet you prefer. 

The only downside is that some creative-types might shy away from it if they prefer to work with more well-established content creation software.


CoBudget is a great collaborative funding tool that’s easy to learn how to use. If you have a chief financial officer who is solely responsible for a project’s funding, then you’ll never need something like this. If no one holds that position, this tool lets everyone in on the fundraising process. 

This is an open-source online tool. If you’re one of several startup members, you can involve yourself with fundraising as a fully participatory activity. Everyone who’s on the platform proposes funding ideas.

Before you all approve or disapprove of an idea, you can add your thoughts and feelings on it. Then, you can nominate and vote on the strongest candidates. This way, the fundraising pressure does not fall on any one person.

Working together is easier with these tools. This type of tech takes away a lot of the more persistent collaborative headaches and lets you spread your wings as part of a focused business collective.