Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important?
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Why is Customer Satisfaction Important?

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Joint General Manager
  • ALL talk about CRM but the same not in the DNA of maximum Organizations. Often Customer satisfaction index measurement became as own satisfaction measurement, result of maximum CRM implementation in organizations does not give the required results.
  • Internal Marketing: Without loyal and happy employees, we can’t expect loyal and happy customer base.
  • Implementation of CRM is not only restricted to Marketing/sales team, it is to every touch point of customer starting from Telephone operators to QA head, Production head, Despatch head also to understand and implement in their DNA

    Some important think to always rembember:


    Superior Customer Satisfaction Affects Bottom Line
    Improving Performance will Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Greater return will be achieved by understanding that satisfaction is highest when Performance exceeds Expectations
    Customer Satisfaction must not be viewed as
    ‘another program’; Rather, an
    integral part of a Firm’s business process
    In Summary. . .

    Customer Satisfaction is not just
    thing done right, it’s
    things done right,

    Satisfaction is Not Only Good For Your Customers ...

    It Is Good Business!
    Customer Satisfaction is a Journey,
     Not a Destination

    Moments of Truth – Jan Carlzon
    From his book -  Moments of Truth
    lEvery customer interaction is a moment of truth
    lEvery moment of truth is an opportunity to make a favourable impression on your customer
    lLook for the moments of truth in your business
    lIf you are not making a favourable impression what kind of an impression are you making?
    lKnow every point of interaction
    lConvey the correct message at each transaction
    Customer Touch Points

    “All those places where a customer might reach out and asked a company to do something.”