Tivo To IMovie-Convert Tivo To AIC MOV For IMovie 8/9 Editing
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Tivo to iMovie-Convert Tivo to AIC MOV for iMovie 8/9 Editing

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Edit Tivo in iMovie-Transcode Tivo shows to AIC codec on Mac OS X Lion
Rewrap and convert TiVo,TiVo HD shows to AIC MOV with high quality

I have some TiVo recording shows. And I intend to bring the TiVo HD shows into iMovie for editing and then share my movies with my friends. But iMovie don't support TiVo files. When searching google, I find I need a mac TiVo to iMovie Converter to transcode TiVo to AIC MOV or H.264 MOV iMovie can recognize. I tried several TiVo to iMovie Convert sotfwares, And only the program from Pavtube Studio works for me. With PavTube, I easily transcode TiVo shows to AIC MOV and import AIC to iMovie for editing freely.

Question: How to Import TiVo,TiVo HD,TS TiVo shows to iMovie 8/9 for Editing with HD Quality?

Solution: convert TiVo to AIC mov for iMovie Editing on Mac OS X Lion?

Before transcoding TiVo shows, you need to transfer recorded TiVo shows from TiVo DVR to your Mac. To transfer TiVo shows to PC, you need to use a TiVo Desktop Software for Mac. When your TiVo is connected to your home network, Mac TiVo Desktop provides you with a list of available shows for transferring to your Mac.

After transfer TiVo files to your Mac, you can free download the Mac TiVo to AIC Converter. Install and run the application. Do as follows.

Step 1. Import TiVo to the program.
First click "Option" button, enter Media Access Key. Then, load TiVo files to the TiVo to iMovie Converter on Mac OS X Lion.

Step 2. Choose Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov) output format for iMovie 8/9 editing Without Rendering.
Click on "Format > iMovie and Final Cut Express > Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov)" as output video format. The Mac TiVo to iMovie AIC Converter will rewrap and convert TiVo, TiVo HD shows to AIC MOV with high quality.

Step 3. Start TiVo shows to AIC (*.MOV) conversion for iMovie on Mac.
After conversion, you can easily import converted TiVo HD shows to iMovie for editing without rendering.

That's all. Hope the guide on "Convert TiVo/ TiVo HD Shows to iMovie for Editing on Mac" will be of great help for you. Any Question ? Please leave me a message.Thanks for reading. Have a good time!