DVD To Vizio Tablet Converter-Play DVD Movie On Vizio 8" Tablet
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DVD to Vizio Tablet Converter-Play DVD Movie on Vizio 8" Tablet

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=Convert DVD to Vizio Tablet with best settings to fit its 1024x768 display

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"I just bought a Vizio 8" tablet. It's running Android 2.3.x and I know the display is 1024x768 and native 720p. Would there be some conversion settings for a display of 1024x768? I'm trying to convert DVDs I purchased so I could put them on the Vizio tablet…"

DVD Rippers varies, and most of them come with customized settings for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and Android smartphones, but it is possibly that every tablet is added to the settings list.

Below is a short guide suggesting you the best settings for Vizio 8" tablet, with the settings you can easily rip/put DVD onto Vizio 8" tablet.

What you need: Pavtube DVD Ripper, or Blu-ray Ripper

What you do:
Create a format for Vizio 8" DVD ripping.

1. Run the DVD to Vizio Tablet Converter, click on the "Format" bar and select "Common Video">> "H.264 Video(*.mp4)".

Why H.264 format? Because H.264 codec lets you rip DVD to Vizio 8" tablet with better quality, and with CUDA activated the ripping speed could be 3-5 times faster!

2. Click "Settings" and set video and audio parameters as it shows below. Here I set video bitrate to 1500kbps- you can set 2500kbps or above for better video quality- as for me, 1500kbps is just fine.

3. Save your settings as a custom format. Press "Save As" and give the new format a name. e.g. Vizio 8 tablet 1280*720 (*.mp4).  Then click "OK" to save it as a new format.

Rip a DVD to Vizio 8" supported format.

1. Run the DVD Ripper, and import DVD, DVD ISO or DVD folder.

2. Click on "Format" bar, follow "Custom" >> "Vizio 8 tablet 1280*720 (*.mp4)" to select the custom format.

3. Click "Convert" to start converting DVD movies to DVD to Vizio 8" playable .mp4 videos.

4. When conversion completes click "Open" to find converted videos for transferring to Vizio 8-inch tablet.

In this way you get DVD movies optimized for Vizio 8" with acceptable format and size. Enjoy DVD/DVD ISO movies on Vizio 8" Tablet!

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