My Story With Time Management
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My story with Time Management

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Assistant Manager
Hi Dear Friends,

Yesterday I have posted a blog about myself and today I will tell you more about myself but before that I want to discuss something about time Management. Okay let me mix-up the things and tell you both the things at the same time.

All of us are doing some jobs may be for ourselves or may be for others. Suppose if you are a chef in a hotel and you are in free mood and wants to have some good stuff than might be you will spent more time to cook but if you are in hurry than less time you will spend. Lets study one case your favt customer have ordered you something. What you will do? You will try to give best service in a very short time period because he will give you Good tip for that. On other side you will not so keen to serve better to an another customer who has never ever given you tip. Means you have served better food in less time but in second case you have taken more time but not served good food compare to first one, which is proved wrong my first assumption (free Time). Am I right? No dear friends both assumptions are right and I will prove it.

Dear friends’ can I say that efforts are depends on many things. If you like something you will perform better and if you do not like than your performance will dip. Motivational factors might be different on different occasion but yes these factors play an important role in your life that makes you happy or sad.

For study point of view we can say that there are four types of people on earth. But remember dear friends each individual is unique and each behaves in certain ways as a result

  1. High Skill
  2. Low Skill
  3. High Will
  4. Low Will

On the base of above information we will have the below options.

  1. High Skill and High Will
  2. High Skill and Low Will
  3. Low Skill and High Will
  4. Low Skill and Low Will

And there are four types of work we all have.

  1. Urgent
  2. Not Urgent
  3. Productive
  4. Non Productive

Again on the base of above information we have below options.

  1. Urgent and Productive
  2. Urgent and Non Productive
  3. Not Urgent and Productive
  4. Not Urgent and non productive

Let me ask you some questions.

  1. How many of you struggling for work life Balance?
  2. How many are thinking that they are doing hard work even than they are not getting proper reward for that.
  3. How many are not satisfy with their present job?
  4. Do you want to improve your life standard?
  5. How many have plan for their future life?
  6. How much time you are spending for yourself including your family members and friends?

Please write answers in your notebook and be honest because the success of this blog is depends on your honesty.

This is a very long topic to discuss so I will write this blog in a series so please bear with me.Dear friends I know its confusing so I will tell you my story by that you will easily understand this concept.

Today’s story:

Part One (Low Skill and Low Will )

When I was a kid I like to play lot but like other kids I had also limited time for that. It gave me lots of frustration at that time. My parents wanted me to sit down and study more and more. But I hate books and study. So when ever I tried to escape got some good chocolate (Not Cadbury one But Bata One) from my Mom. My life was ruined at that time. I want to play more and more but did not have time. I was blaming God now and then.

Part Two (Low Skill and High Will)

Suddenly one day I got an idea from a newspaper. A man claimed that he has a photographic memory and it is just due to his reading speed. I thought if he could do that than why I can not. I tried my level best but failed. I was totally sad at that time due to continue failure in my life. I was thinking I am an idiot guy who can not read and write properly.

Part Three (High Skill and High Will)

One day I was sitting very sad and my sister bring one Comic book of Chacha Chowdry. I just picked that one start reading. After 15 minutes my sister asked me that book back and I was in between of the story so I request her to wait some more time. She has given me 5 more minutes. I read that fast and complete within the given time. I was very happy after that because I liked that book very much. Now next day I went to the library and read one more comic book. After some time it became my habit. I used to go there and read more and more book before library got closed. I used to read more and more books and my speed of reading was improved amazingly.

Part Four (High Skill and Low Will)

One day my father asked me about my study and exam. I got afraid because my exam was very near and I did not memorise even a single chapter of any subject. But when I started my exam preparation I was amazed with my memory power. I read only two times and memorise every thing. I had started with Social Study subject and got amazing result. However I faced one more problem at that time it was okay with theory subjects but when it comes to practical subjects like math and science I did not want to open books at all. At result I got good marks in theory marks but very less in practical subjects. In 8th standard my school administrations fired me from the school and I forced to appear in exam as a correspondence student.

Dear Friends yesterday I have asked you 6 questions. Now please check your answers with my answers. Yesterday I have posted my story in 4 parts.

Ans-1; Yes I was struggling at that time and the reason was Low Will and Low Skill

Ans-2 &3: Yes I was thinking the same because I had Low Skill and High Will.

Ans-4: Yes like everybody I also wanted to improve my life and I had got success to some extend High Skill and high will.

Today I will not give answer for question 5th and 6th.

Now read next episode of my story with Time Management

When school administration fired me from the school I feel very bad and I decide to prove myself as a better student. I appeared in Board exam and cleared in 1st attempt but I got only passing marks in Math.

Again I got admission in same school and completed my 10th standard education. In 10th as well school administration tried to fire me but they remember my previous performance and did not dare to do that again.

Dear friends the moral of story is if you are High on will than you can learn anything. This is my true story, which I am sharing with you. We want everything in life but do not know how. So just try to find out the right way with your high will. Skill you can earn but will comes only from inside. 1st Motivation always comes from inside and after that you will look outside. Recognise your strengths and weakness and than improve yourself. Once you do that everybody will ask you hey man how you have done that. Do not follow any leaders they have their own tools, which may be or may not be useful for you. Make your own tools and use with maximum skill.

Thanks Friends for sparing time for me I will catch you tomorrow with new episode. One more things this blog will not tell you any specific rule of time management so if you are looking for that than I am so sorry. But I can assure you that after reading this blog you will definitely save some time in your day to day life.

Thanks and Regards

Alok Sharma

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