Why Small Firms Should Not Ignore Team-Building Activities?
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editricon Why Small Firms should not ignore Team-Building Activities?

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Large companies invest heavily in organizing team-building and leadership activities from time-to-time. They conduct seminars, outdoor activities, debates, sports activities etc. The effectiveness of these activities has been proven repeatedly, and hence companies don’t think much while investing in them. However, the same is not the case with small businesses. There are a small number of people working in such companies with limited resources and lots of restrictions.

A number of reasons stop smaller firms to organize a team bonding activity, top being unnecessary expenses and waste of time and energy. You need to take help of trained professionals to conduct a team-building program in your firm. Moreover, the benefits may not be as much with just one such activity occasionally.

People working in small companies share a good personal rapport and hence conducting a team building activity often comes across as a complete waste of resources. Most small companies are less concerned with formal staff assessment as their structure does not have much scope for promotion as compared to larger firms.

Why small firms should not ignore team-building activities?

The myth that small businesses would not benefit is false. Regardless of size, it is important for businesses to arrange such activities to update staff’s knowledge and skills. Only when you polish your employees’ skill, can you grow your firm. The increased dynamics can make a lot of difference in productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and other parameters like innovation.

What are the effective ways?

Small businesses do not have to arrange corporate learning programs like big firms. With some amount of research and thinking, companies can come up with innovative ways for team building events. You can find several low cost alternatives, which are worthwhile and fun. A paintball session or a word game like scrabble can be fun enough. Another good alternative is to play a fun movie via projector. This will not cost you much expense, and your team will enjoy the fullest.  In addition, you can plan some puzzles to improve your team's knowledge related to various aspect of your business.  

Some of the effective outdoor team building activities include clay challenge, cooking challenge, treasure hunt challenge etc. Decide what suits best for your team depending upon the nature of your business and the resources you can spare for team building activities. Make sure to have a communication exercise at the end of the event. This may include letting the team talk to each other on topics related to work, their life, suggestions good for the company etc.

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