Why You Should Visit India In Diwali
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Why You Should Visit India In Diwali

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Diwali is the festival of light, and this five-day festival is one of the biggest festivals throughout the country. The concept behind the festival is to honor the victory of good over evil, as well as shedding light over the darkness. In a personal light, Diwali is a time for self-reflection, and to help individuals to dispel feelings of ignorance. Each day of the five-day festival has a different meaning, and with beautiful spectacles to be seen across the country, there are a number of reasons as to why you should immerse yourself in this beautiful cultural event. Prior to your trip, it is important that you arrange the correct visitor visas which can be applied for online, just as you would when applying for an ESTA Visa prior to a trip to America. Once your visas are confirmed and you have packed your suitcase, heading to India for Diwali is the perfect choice. Here, we’re taking a look at why.

Immerse Yourself In Beautiful Culture

Diwali allows you the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of India’s culture, while experiencing an event that means a great deal to the locals. While this is not regularly celebrated in the state of Kerala, due to the fact that it has never been a part of the social fabric in the area, all other parts of India will be celebrating this festival. Numerous rituals are performed depending on the day and also the region, but you are certain to see various blessings given to the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi, and the remover of obstacles Ganesha.

Warmth, Joy & Happiness

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that is certain to provide you with feelings of warmth, joy and happiness, then travelling to India during Diwali is the perfect choice. While there will be lots of celebrations involving fireworks in order to light up the night’s sky in an attempt to metaphorically defeat the darkness, you are also certain to partake in numerous familial activities. With children running around the streets in happiness and plenty of activities to take part in, you will feel like a member of a very welcoming family throughout the period of Diwali.

Every Day Is Different

While Diwali is a single festival, due to its lifespan of five days, you can be certain to always see something unique throughout its duration. Generally, on day one of the festival, you will see plenty of gold, as the country welcomes the Goddess of wealth into their homes. Day two will see numerous pieces of Hindu folk art created in the doorways of homes. In addition to this, you may even see demon masks being burned on fires, due to the belief that the demon Karakasura was destroyed on this day. Day three is the main day of the festival, and this is where candles are lit in rows upon rows. This is how the festival obtained its nickname ‘the festival of lights’. On this day, families will continue to gather, give each other gifts and celebrate. On day four, merchants will open new books and prayers are given to numerous goddesses and lords. On day five, this is where brothers and sisters get together in order to celebrate the love and bond between them, and this is known as the celebration of sisters.

Diwali is an event that can be enjoyed all around the world, but for a truly authentic Diwali experience, make sure you head to India and take part in the festivities.