How To Use An Email Signature As A Marketing Tool
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How to Use an Email Signature as a Marketing Tool

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Sometimes, internet vendors forget one of the most important marketing tools the internet has to offer. Every company, large or small, should have highly visible, workable email signatures as a part of their toolkit. 

There are many possibilities for a unique and viable email signature. Every person in business should be aware of the usefulness of having this little "extra" added to their website.

People who use the internet, for the most part, move quickly. They check a website, give it a cursory examination, and unless something immediately catches their interest, they move on. No one wants to have to stop and look for an email signature. 

Here are some signature examples and tips to get the most out of an email signature as a marketing tool to help boost sales: 

• A small banner, preferably at the bottom of the email is always unobtrusive, yet easy to see and use. 

• It's important to have the right amount of text. A good idea is to keep the text short, but inclusive and if available, a good image can also be helpful.

• Sometimes adding a little phrase in reply would be to include the fact that a reply was sent from an iPhone, indicating the vendor is interested and doesn't want to waste time.

• Depending on the product or service offered, sometimes a short inspirational note can be helpful. 

• Another possibly helpful banner can be to offer the viewer the option to be notified whenever a new post or blog is added.

• Many customers or potential customers enjoy reading about (good) news from the company, so you could maybe have a link in your email signature to subscribe to your newsletter.

• A small mention of others who have benefitted from the use of the product. 

• In addition to the email address, a call to action should be included. For example, a vendor might create a banner that reads: "Write today, we can't wait to hear from you!"

• And it's important not to forget links. A vendor can add links to different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. It's important not to be shy about promoting a product or service in every possible way.

• If feasible, it may be wise to add comments by satisfied customers, and/or insert links to their remarks on Yelp, etc.

• It's very important for the vendor to make everything clear and understandable. That doesn't mean writing baby-talk, but even when writing for adults, it's easy to confuse by the wrong use of words. It happens a great deal on many websites. Every word should be considered and double-checked for clarity and correctness. Usually, it's a good idea to finish the job, set it aside and then come back to it a few days later. Or also if the vendor knows people who are good readers, they too may give the project a read and be ready with useful feedback.

• Above all, it's vitally important to carefully proofread every word, not only on the email banner but your entire website. One mistake in spelling or grammar can do irreparable damage to the entire business enterprise. Sometimes links are broken and it's necessary to check from time to time to make certain that everything is working according to plan. 

• In addition to requesting action, a good idea is simply to add a request for customer feedback. Although an email signature may look good at first, customer feedback may quickly let the vendor know something is wrong with either the email signature or your website. 

In conclusion, taking all the above into consideration, you should end up with an email signature that does the selling for you. A successful email signature is one that helps your business generate leads and sales, instead of just being treated as a source of information.

Good Luck!