Why Do US Elections Cost So Much Money?
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Why do US Elections Cost so much Money?

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When it comes to running an election campaign, few countries go about things in the same way that the USA do. From television ads to bus tours and a whole array of other campaign ideas used to bolster up enthusiasm for a particular candidate, campaign costings are rising with each election that goes by. Money is something that unfalteringly drives a campaign and this is where fundraising comes into play. Successful fundraising is a significant symbol of strength and allows particular campaigns to get ahead in terms of winning the media war that we know so well. From online, radio, social, mail and on the ground outreach- campaigning on an American scale certainly does not come cheap. Here we will assess what it is that makes American elections so much more expensive than in other parts of the world.


It’s easier to come to terms with why US elections cost as much as they do when you take into account the size of the country and the costs that are associated with spreading your political message far and wide. With 50 states to reach and the election cycle being as vast as it is, there is no easy way to reach that much ground- funding is the only solution to cover that much ground.


Another area where America tends to spend more money than some European destinations, for example, is in the fact that they require vehicles and other equipment to get them from city to city. This includes the likes of campaign planes, buses etc. In smaller countries such as Britain and France, it is far easier to blanket media markets with less money.


To date, TV advertising is the most expensive campaign element that a candidate can invest in and takes a huge chunk out of their budget. Another thing to consider is the fact that the price of air time in some of the America’s swing states tends to be fairly pricey which is why Obama spend so much money in TV advertising in these key areas.

The real drama starts when you look at where the money that candidates receive to run their campaigns actually comes from. There is a real argument that the amount of money political candidates play with makes individuals exceptionally out of touch with the rest of the American population.

Essentially, any one looking to make their way into a political position will need to either be very wealthy themselves or be in close contact with those who are exceptionally wealthy themselves. It is easy to understand why so many American people have a problem with the fact that large corporations and outside groups have such significant influence on the political landscape of the US.

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