How To Take A Cold Backup Of Oracle Database On Windows.
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How to take a cold backup of Oracle Database on Windows.

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A database is said to be in cold state when it is in Shutdown mode. To take a cold backup, you just need to shut it down, gather information about datbase files, redo logs and control files. Once you get the path, make a copy of these files and save to a safe location, so that it can be used in case of any database failure. The data will be lost between the time of taking cold backup and time of failure.

Following are the steps which I follow for taking cold backups:

Get all the database file names and path from the following SQL command from SYSTEM user:

select 'DATA' type, tablespace_name, name

from dba_data_files, v$datafile

where file_id = file#


select 'CONTROL' type, '', name from v$controlfile


select 'LOG' type, '', member name from v$logfile;

On the Database Server, open Command prompt and execute following commands to shutdown the database:

· SET ORACLE_SID = , name of the database


· CONN SYS/ AS SYSDBA, password of SYS user




Database has been shut down properly, now using the output of query in Step 1, manually copy all the database files, control files, redo logs on specified location. After all the files are copied, re-start the database.