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Assistant General Manager
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After working in branches for most part of my banking carrier, I m relishing my posting at Head Office . Its an opportunity to know the priorities of top management besides the feel of the environment where you are constantly in touch with the activities of the Bank . What makes me feel bad is the fact that I am being approached by a large number of officers who are really in trouble due to bonafide mistakes while working in the branches. My heart reaches out to the families of those honest officers who have served the bank with utmost honesty and hard work but due to only one lapse, they are in the bad books of the management. How can you expect a human being to work like a robot and never commit a mistake in the entire working span of over 30 years in the Bank. Will the management rise to the occasion and to inculcate a sense of confidence amongst the workforce by taking due cognizance of the bonafide mistakes of some of the officers who are under stress and consider mild punishments for them.I feel pride in having handled hundreds of disciplinary action cases and without expressing any harsh words for the management could save many officers from the possibility of getting punished severely due to the serious nature of irregularities attributed to them