Oracle DB Management - Tame The Performance Beast
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Oracle DB Management - Tame the Performance Beast

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Did you know that a second's downtime can imply a loss of close to 8900 business transactions or an equivalent of 60,000 IOs per sec?

Move away from traditional Oracle DB Monitoring approach to an automated & a faster approach with
i2k – A Big Step with a Small Foot Print

It's a cost-effective business tool to assist you in:

è Improving your Database’s performance and scalability

è Ensuring 100% uptime

è Improving data throughput

è Identifying & Eliminating Bottlenecks

Lister’ Vaman i2k – An Oracle Performance Management Tool, has the built in intelligence to proactively solve complex Oracle performance challenges and ensure end user service levels. Vaman i2k is a lightweight and powerful weapon employing state of the art technology that fits seamlessly into your performance arsenal, adding instant value by proactively sniffing out probable app killers and ensuring high levels of transaction throughput.

With Vaman i2k, you can:




System Parameters



User Defined Parameters


Soon to be bad SQL

Specific Threshold Values


So, what else can Vaman i2k do for me?

ü Improve DBA Productivity by 60%

ü Isolate, Trap and Tune Killer SQLs

ü Identify similar but disparately treated SQLs using Vaman i2k’s advanced Query Match algorithm

ü Customize KPA Trend Reports/Real-time dashboards from "Frequency * Intensity " / Lean perspectives.

ü Compute & Track Holistic Health using Vaman i2k’s Health Index Configuration – a new paradigm in Oracle Monitoring

We would love to showcase a demo on request. 10:00 AM MST - any week day over the next week should catch us.

drop a mail at

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