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Having read a lot about Steve Job’s Biography I pre-ordered the copy of “Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson, 2 months before its lau ...more>>
The search technology has moved beyond page ranking. Today the stress is more on the intent than the content and the major search engine ...more>>
Who said Apple’s iphone is the ultimate or Microsoft surface is the next best wave? Pranav Mistry, a Research Assistant at MIT Labs sh ...more>>
Hey, are you going to kerala for casting your vote? I asked a friend of mine. He gave me a cynical smile and said “Are you cra ...more>>
It's a dirty little secret: A large number of established software vendors are under wraps building the solutions that they can offer t ...more>>
It sounds ridiculous. To evoke fear and submission they resort to gross violence. You guessed it right am talking about the terrorist attack ...more>>