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India! is a country having world’s largest population & biggest democracy. Every Indian is seeing a dream to be a part of developed na ...more>>
Some Motions of eyes :- Lovely eyes: what about your eyes now????? ...more>>
Hello Friends! I am going to share the information about direct marketing. Definition:- Direct marketing is an interactive system of m ...more>>
Some popular Management Quotes: “There are three constants in life... Change, Choice and Principles.” Stephen R. Covey “Effe ...more>>
Friends I have searched some useful people management tips to share: Some tips for Managing People... 1. Manage: They f ...more>>
Friends a short story to share : THE OBSTACLE IN OUR PATH In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himse ...more>>
The Poisonous snakes: King Cobra: Rattle snakes: Black Mamba : Coral Snake: But someone else is on No. ...more>>
Friends I am sharing principals of Henri Fayol, which are still relevant in the modern management system. The 14 Management Principl ...more>>
Plants of the sea Sea Grass : Sea Anemone (it is not basically a plant it is a creature of sea but looks like a flower) Coral ree ...more>>
Fiends I have some information about Multimedia, so please read it. Multimedia is the use of a combination of text, graphics and audio ai ...more>>
Hello friends A number of sports are available in India. but please rank bellow according to your interest: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.Hockey, F ...more>>
Hello friends I am sharing some very important images of thank you, so see it: You can use these images at the end of ...more>>
Look at these images : Cat with kitten: Dog & puppies: Lappard Friends have looked at these s ...more>>
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands pronunciation is a Union Territory of India. Informally, the territory's name is often abbrevi ...more>>
Kerala is a very beautiful state of India. it is very well known as Gods Own Country. Some facts about Kerala : Ker ...more>>
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