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Many of our learned political scientists, intelligentsia and leaders keep on debating over the possibilities of effecting electoral reforms ...more>>
Ensuring good record keeping practices is the first thing any good leader or head of any organization should do to ensure a good administrat ...more>>
Guaging from the many experiments that have been happening in India to identify its citizens in a unique manner, I started feeling that the ...more>>
You cannot expect corrupt and characterless individuals to work for eradication of corruption. A characterless or corrupt leader cannot and ...more>>
Have you ever wondered why the kings of the olden days wore heavy ornamental attires and crowns, even when they are not so comfortable? I wo ...more>>
The above is a quote from a famous book. Unfortunately there are not many readers of this book in India. Those Indians who have heard o ...more>>
People with an inclination towards corruption try to argue hundred and one reasons for justifying their actions of corrupt deeds. Deep in th ...more>>
Ambition or a desire to progress is a much needed characteristic for all human beings. Without ambition in the individuals, the society woul ...more>>
Those who read and write blogs here can be considered as the intelligentsias who have the mind capacity and leisure to devote time to think ...more>>
Have you ever thought of the common sense in which our banks have been forced by the top policy makers to spend millions or perhaps billions ...more>>
"The higher a person's education, the more respect he has for the knowledge, experience, and opinions of others." The above is a quote ...more>>
“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. Those who are readers of the Bible might have read this f ...more>>
The following passages which tell something about the evolutionary techniques that were adopted while creating life in our planet earth ...more>>
I am a design engineer by profession. I consider it a very difficult profession. To be a good designer you have to learn a lot, experience a ...more>>
A person inducted as a responsible link in any organisational set up would immediately land in to a very complex behavioural situation. He o ...more>>
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