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Trains and Green Energy Growing energy requirements and the ability for production to match this pace is another huge challenge India face ...more>>
Growth Boost, Traffic Solution and Individual General Health Improvement in a single package!   The previous blog in this series ...more>>
The previous blog in this series was the result of the Mid-day meal horror that unfolded last year. Since then a lot has happened on the pol ...more>>
When we look around, it looks as though there is no area in this country that is free of inequities. Education, housing, water, transport, w ...more>>
Using Hotter Weather To Beat The Heat Global warming is a major issue for all of us - and something we can no longer debate as something ou ...more>>
India’s problems are huge – as huge as its population. Every aspect of the Economy and Society seems to be spewing out scams, ...more>>
Treat Students like Customers? A blog heading starting with these words caught my eye. As in - Customer is always right? No way! Or so I ...more>>
Diwali has come and gone and this year the number of no-to-crackers citizens have touched a record high. Several denizens of our 600 familie ...more>>
Cut back to that time not so far back in history when the word ‘recycle’ was not known to many and you will realize that the quintesse ...more>>
Breakfast for me today, as it does every morning, starts with the centre page of Deccan Herald. Today’s article had the headline above, an ...more>>
Time travel would be such a great thing, wouldn’t it? We could always travel back in time and set any wrongs right. We could cha ...more>>
My last post on this topic was about the furor that the ruling regarding medium of education in schools affiliated to the state board had ...more>>
Ever since Kapil Sibbal's proposal to scrap class X board exams got reported parents of children in the relevant age group have been keepi ...more>>
Ex-Chief Minister of Karnataka S.M.Krishna spoke of his dream to recreate Bangalore into a city like Singapore. A couple of days ago I read ...more>>
We had a history teacher whose class was welcomed by everyone - and all for different reasons. There were those who loved it when it was t ...more>>
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