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Bullying has been a widespread issue that raises concerns on social, psychological, and emotional health. There is a highlight on its occurr ...more>>
Changing a well ingrained habit is a challenge, but it can be done. Because your brain has created such a well established pattern in your m ...more>>
Jock or nerd. Beefcake or geek. Everyone hates labels, yet everyone uses them everyday! Why do we do this? Does it make people feel like the ...more>>
The brain is an amazing organ. Not only is it used for perceiving outward stimuli, but also indicates how mentally sound one is. The brain l ...more>>
Even if you are only a high school student, you are likely to experience a lot of pressure from your teachers, parents,6207 and friends. Amo ...more>>
Swastikas show up in many ancient cultures. Ancient Etruscan pottery and ancient Greek helmets both bear swastikas. It shows up in medieval ...more>>
Cocaine isn't just one of the most commonly abused illicit substances in the world - it's also one of the oldest substances of abuse. Cocain ...more>>
When we think about schooling, we often wonder exactly what it is that students require from their teacher. However, it is important to unde ...more>>
The two Americas have a total area of 42.5 million square km (16.4 million square mi) and a population of about 900 million people. The Amer ...more>>
The Afghan-US war began 10 years ago. It followed the September 11 attacks after which President George W. Bush ordered air strikes against ...more>>
A job interview typically precedes the hiring decision, and is used to evaluate the candidate. The job interview is considered one of the mo ...more>>
Many businesses, especially when they are new or relatively small in size, will pay little or no attention to increasing the number of ST0-0 ...more>>
Since history, nations rise and fall, with new powers replacing the old ones. This is because society becomes more complex with greater deve ...more>>
Retirement is not something that only certain people need to worry about. Everyone will one day reach the age of 201-01retirement and theref ...more>>
As a business owner, you deserve to get paid for the products or services that you provide. In a perfect world, you would always be paid on ...more>>
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