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Making error in judgment is not uncommon in corporate world.  The consequences or the implications of such error are also well known ...more>>
Ego and ambition do they have any relationship between them. In most occasions, people may think, both the ego and the ambition do co-exi ...more>>
Those who have studied science, especially the subject chemistry even at the school level, can understand well about the indicators and t ...more>>
Should we conclude the leadership approach and style of people in corporate based on different behavioural indicators and signs what they ...more>>
Why people go casual, careless and less serious and thus make mistakes?  Is it that people really wants to be so hence they behave i ...more>>
Many owners of small to medium sized organizations often say that they have to visit the organization every day and only then the organiz ...more>>
When you take pride and pomp on your unique adaptation/ability to fool or outsmart or camouflage your boss and subordinates, never forget ...more>>
  Is there any science in Siddha System of Medicine was the question asked by a few people.      After series of disc ...more>>
Why the corporate life has lot of problems and confusion? Why people often fight with each other?  If we understand the problem phil ...more>>
Crocodiles can never outgrow the pond or the aquarium they live.  Should we treat the above phenomenon of a crocodile as an advantag ...more>>
Who makes the decision for you?  If we ask the question straight to people in corporate, most of them will say they only make their ...more>>
Which is real, this or that?  This question, most of us would have encountered at some stage in our life.  Assume that your bos ...more>>
The conflicts between newly joined employees versus those who are already working in the same organization for donkey years are very common. ...more>>
Why perception and reality always differ?  Why people often say ‘appearance is deceptive? The answer is very simple.  The ...more>>
Many corporate do engage in the business of ‘seasonal bamboo flowering’ and some may find success also.  The question is ...more>>
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