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Guidelines C# Coding Standards.docx Introduction Believe it: majority of the programmers write "working code," but not "efficient code. ...more>>
  Introduction This article concludes our introduction to HTML with a presentation of some valuable guidelines for working w ...more>>
Indenting Use an indent of 2 spaces, with no tabs. No trailing whitespace. String Concatenation Always use a space between the + and th ...more>>
A article explaining send an data-table to a Stored Procedure at the sql server as input parameter.It uses a logic which allows us to add, m ...more>>
if taking an individual DB offline and then putting it back online is equivalent to restarting the SQL service (from the DB's standpoin ...more>>
Hello my self is Manish Langa ,Below is the blog for Metro Style App development with .net. first of all we are start with  What is th ...more>>
IntroductionI would like to share what I have understood about working with more than one Web.config file from my latest ASP.NET application ...more>>