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In October 1996 he was diagnosed with cancer that had spread to his brain and lungs. He eventually crushed the cancer and emerged a world ch ...more>>
If you are not on LinkedIn then you are missing your opportunity to interact with over 500,000 Recruiters on the LinkedIn; SIGN UP.& ...more>>
Sunil was delayed by 20 minutes finding parking slot for his 11:00am customer meet.  He had been requested to sign and collect the c ...more>>
Dr. Robert B Ciladini Guru and author of “The Psychology of Persuasion” Says that people will obey authority figures, even if ...more>>
Sometime I am asked A QUESTION “how should we spend time with customer?”   My response is don’t spend time with ...more>>
Secrets are SECRETS, simply since they are not shared.  So what are the secrets for this post ?  The two secrets I am revealing ...more>>
STRESSED; then DESTRESS………. Yeah, Flip it around before its DISTRESS. Last evening I read a shocking Facebook message from a friend; ...more>>
Cloud Computing is a hot topic of discussions in every technology forums. Enterprises are implementing, Businesses are planning and Governm ...more>>
Having driven over 80,000 kms in the last 18 months, having driven 1,600kms in a day and having to drive around 100km a day; I believe it gi ...more>>
Albert Mehrabin a renowned Guru of non verbal communication said that 55% impact of our message is body language, 38% is tone and 7% is deli ...more>>
Happy New Year 2012. This is my last blog post for the year 2011 and I would like to share my top “4” recommendations for the year 20 ...more>>
Every human has the creative streak; the bigger question is;  do you realize your creative potential and unlock it ?  90% of peop ...more>>
If you have ever sat down during promotion appraisal in your organization, you may have heard concerns such as; will he fit in, will he ge ...more>>
  You have signed up for twitter, complemented your profile and ready to tweet.  Wait: go back review your profile.  Does yo ...more>>
Last year, I bought a black Altima, because black looks elegant and there were not many black cars on the road.  But no sooner I got in ...more>>
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