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The secretarial role is interesting, challenging and undergoing many changes...and the changes have made the secretarial profession even m ...more>>
Superstition is an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear. There are superstitions for almost all aspects of our daily lives an ...more>>
The Meaning of Raksha Bandhan Relationships are the essence of celebration and it holds true for any ...more>>
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart w ...more>>
Major depressive disorder (depression) is not just a temporary mood, and it's not a sign of personal weakness. Depression is a serious m ...more>>
"Homemade Facial Scrubs" Baking Soda Facial Scrub Apply baking soda on wet face using circular motions a ...more>>
In case you are suspicious of your husband cheating on you, look out for the following:1. Lots of work emails at odd hours that have to be ...more>>
Sometimes we crave forthe company of ournear and dear ones, but they seem too busy and preoccupied with theirowncommitments in life.NewYorkH ...more>>
15 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations ...more>>
Yogasanasa - Yoga Exercises Ardha-Matsyendrasan Time: 2 minutes each side. Method: Bend left knee, place left foot under ri ...more>>
ANEMIA Upping the Energy Level Your two-year-old has just spent the morning drifting from sofa to chair and back again with ...more>>
Routine tests like pap smears and mammograms are important, but don't rely on tests alone to protect you from cancer. It's just as importan ...more>>
There’s an old saw about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing, and a perennial illustration is the way so many have learnt to thin ...more>>
Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with these facts as well. Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you ar ...more>>
Vastu Sastra (Shastra) Where we live can influence our happiness, wealth, health, and prosperity. The Vastu Shastra is the Vedic science ...more>>
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