Brand New HP Mini 1000 Notebook Reviews
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Brand New HP Mini 1000 Notebook Reviews

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From last year, Asus Eee PC netbooks this new product concept has gradually been taking root, the current notebook market, the most active and popular one type of product. More than a year later, there is the vast majority of manufacturers have launched their own brand of HP Mini 1000 Mobile Broadband battery netbooks, and even some manufacturers have introduced the second generation of products, like today we would like to introduce everyone to this HP Mini 1000.

After months of deliberation, long ago, HP has finally released a new consumer-class ultra-portable notebooks – HP Mini 1000. The use of the Intel Atom platform, the HP Mini 1000 predecessor Mini-Note 2133, but the new HP Mini 1000 have a certain improvement in the appearance of mold, heat, battery life than the latter. I believe we must HP this after the upgrade of the Internet is very interested in today for everyone HP Mini 1001TU battery to bring a more detailed evaluation of the article, we purchase a little help.

Appearance Introduction

The HP Mini 1000 on the design with the Pavilion series of notebooks is quite similar to the same smooth edge processing, Obscure piano lacquer surfaces, is full of the strong taste of fashion. Compared with the previous Mini-Note 2133, the new Mini 1000 is reduced to the lowest level to the whole body thickness, removed VGA and an ExpressCard slot, and even in the interface part of the original 2.5-inch hard drives HP Mini 1010TU battery have been replaced 1.8-inch products, and the battery is changed.

Aircraft material in the body using high-strength engineering plastic, and work to maintain the HP has always been a fine tradition and will never use, whistling, and people feel very strong and closed superstructure. In addition, the HP Mini 1000 is the superstructure of engineering plastics material is very thick, and ensure the safety of the screen, more suitable for the students’ friends will be in conjunction with other books, placed in a bag to carry and use.

Open the cover, however, we feel that the palm rest and keyboard of the machine is more crowded, but as a 10-inch netbook, which is acceptable to us.

Speaking of the Internet in this escalation, may make many friends a headache. The narrow body market, many netbooks are not for us to set aside plenty of room for upgrade, but the HP Mini 1024TU battery body can be seen everywhere, “tearing up the invalid” tab also allows us to dare to act rashly. However, this HP Mini 1000 is not the case, we see that the memory of it at the bottom of the bezel and no screws, just a move, the baffle will naturally pop up, easy operation, on the other netbooks can not be to see. Not only that, if you still want to upgrade other parts of the aircraft, simply remove the two screws under the battery, in front of the keyboard and some other will open.

Interface Design

As mentioned above, we have said, this HP Mini 1000 in order to let the body appears to be more slender in the interface part of the common Internet compared to cut a lot. Especially in the absence of the VGA interface, have to say is a huge regret.

Front of the fuselage two silver buttons are the power switch and the wireless network switch
Relatively speaking, the left side of the fuselage HP Mini 1100 battery interface is more comprehensive, as follows: power connector, USB 2.0 ports, video extension interface, audio input / output interface, and the rubber Pidian RJ-45 Ethernet interface.

Around the fuselage, these interfaces in addition to the above, we also see a lock slot, but it looks more like trinkets on a lanyard hole.

Operation of feelings

Our actual use, this HP Mini 1000 keyboard part of the design can be said that good a market netbooks. From the picture, we see that the keys of the keyboard size, spacing, are similar to the traditional laptop keyboard specifications, during the actual article entry operation, you will feel quite comfortable. From this point of view, into the machine than before 2133 not a lot.

Of course, the body of 10 inches is really limited, although good performance on the keyboard, but the palm rest part is still relatively crowded. Point of view from the feel of the keys, the keyboard keys moderate intensity, and mute the effect is prominent, far beyond the expected effect.

If you are able to adapt the layout of this HP Mini 1000 XP Edition battery located beneath the touchpad buttons on both sides of the touchpad so that we are satisfied. Remove the touchpad is excellent sensitivity in the right of the board for us to design a small scroll bar, coupled with the surface of a special material, making the whole operation became very comfortable. However, the dark surface of the plate on the stain resistance is not very good, it needs attention.

Screen display

The HP Mini 1000 10.2-inch widescreen LED-backlit display has a better performance in both color and contrast. However, in 2133, reflective of the screen is too serious, strongly urge the HP to be improved in this regard. Viewing angle, low light conditions, the screen’s viewing angle is a medium level.

Speaker & Cooling

1000 mini speaker effects in the market all the netbooks in the high-end Compaq Mini 730 battery level. The speaker is located in the bottom of the screen, especially with the stylish metal mesh structure of the screen hinge integration of visual effects. Of course, a weakness of the midrange and bass part of the speaker, all the netbooks, as well as all notebook shared a defect.

We probably will not forget based on VIA platform, the HP Mini-Note 2133 poor cooling performance brought us trouble before. Then this Mini 1000 Intel Atom-based platform will give us what kind of effect it? In the test, we see that the machine in the palm rest, touchpad, and the memory corresponding to the location obvious hot, but much improved compared with 2133 before. Moreover, in the noise control of the Compaq Mini 700 battery aircraft also belong to a more balanced level, the basic people can accept.

Life time

We will adjust the screen brightness to about 60% of open wireless networks, the aircraft’s battery life is approximately 2 hours and 55 minutes. And using the same battery capacity, the HP Mini-Note 2133 that only 2 hours 15 minutes and the results compared to improve a lot. However, because of some objective constraints, HP does not for us to introduce high-capacity batteries have a longer life, which is a pity for my friends often travel.

Overall, this HP Mini 1000 battery in a large number of netbook still has certain advantages. First, it provides us with one called the best keyboard feel in the current Internet, and the Intel Atom platform equipped also allow the aircraft in terms of body heat, life time, application performance prior to 2133 have greatly improved. In addition, the aircraft good scalability is also market netbooks rare. However, the HP Mini 1000 the shortcomings of the more obvious, such as a serious reflective screen, strange interface design, limited battery selection, and so let the machine “set aside” may “upgrade” of space.


good design full-size keyboard can upgrade the speaker of the best sex effect


reflective screen of serious non-VGA connector battery life time is limited

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