Multiple Domain Hosting
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Multiple Domain Hosting

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Many website hosting service providers allow you to host just one domain name on one account. If later you want to increase the number of websites, you will need to buy each hosting account separately. However, multiple domain hosting allows you to have several domains on one account.

Multiple domain hosting is a kind of web hosting in which all the many domains are held on one account. This is economical because you pay a one-time amount to host multiple domains. This is cost-effective for Internet marketers and those who want to open several online businesses and manage them with the help of one master control panel.

Through multiple domain hosting services, you get a centralized website and several options to manage all the domain names. This enables you to park all your domains. This is useful as you need not use a domain for now but use it later.

What to consider before choosing multiple domain hosting:

  • You need to have enough server resources that will be enough to host multiple domains on your hosting account such as disk storage and bandwidth.
  • Each member of your clutch of domains should ideally belong to a different niche area since they all share the same IP address. But if your domains are related to each other, you will have to pay separately for each one’s hosting and that can be expensive.
  • You can have as many domains on one server as you like, if you have enough server space.
    • With multiple domain hosting, you multiply your chances of making huge profits online because the more the sites you have the greater your exposure.
    • It is cost-effective as it is easier to host one domain than buy several hosting packages.
    • You can optimize your SEO ranking because of the network of sites that you own on which you can create back links. This can draw in more traffic and eventually more money too.


  • An account holder can host several domains on one web hosting reviews account.
  • You save any additional expenses when you start your second site. For Internet marketers or bloggers, this is a big advantage.
  • It is helpful to those who handle several websites and to those who have large bandwidth that can be split amongst several sites.



  • If your website domain provider goes through a power outage for a long time, all your domains will be inaccessible. This will prevent you from earning any money.
  • All of your domains will have the same IP address. If your sites are sending back links to each other to boost your rankings on search engines, having the same IP address will be more a hindrance because search engines will see that you are linking back to yourself.
  • If your site becomes popular, it will attract large volumes of traffic and this will eat into your bandwidth and server storage space.